one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


14. trash cans make the best memories

**Tallise's POV**

the rest of the night we spend out on the yard playing and singing. i laid down in the grass and looked up at the growing pinks and purples in the sky. "penny for your though?" i turned ot see louis coming to lay by me. "uhm nothing really" everything.. "oh, you seem concentrated." "naaah," i am.. "i wonder if your comfy..." i gave lou a questioning look but soon he laid his head on my stomach and looked up at the now appearing stars. "so am i comfy?" i asked with a little laugh. "actually.. yes!" i smirked and laughed again.

his head bobing at the movement of my stomach. i stared at the stars for a good 2 hours, the rest of the boys went inside except for me and louis. who i later found out fell asleep.. on me.. and now i couldnt get up. "louuuu....louuuuuuuuu" i pushed my stomach out but that didnt work. i put my hands by his cheeks and pinched them earning a little squeal from him. i smirked as he jumped up. "the hell tal!?!?" "you wouldnt get up! and i was cold!" "awwh! CUDDLE SESSION WITH TAL!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

i heard shuffling from the inside of the house, the boys standing there eyeing my mischeiviously. my eyes widened. "no.. dont you guys even DARE!" i screamed as the chased after me. i ran around, avoiding bodies flying at me. i ran and hid behind our garden shed, sliding myself into on of the new bins my parents just bought. pulling the lid on i sat perfectly still. hell no was i going to be in another dog pile. "ohh tal... come out come out where ever you are." i cupped my hand over my mouth to keep from making too much noise.  i heard the shuffling of feet. "tal?" i recognised harry's voice. i heard his feet stop right in front of the trash bin. oh. poor haz..

i jumped up and screamed at him. "AAAH" he jumped a mile high in the air and screamed like a little girl. i clutched my sides as he tried to regain his breathing. i couldnt help myself! it was just too perfect. i was laughing so hard the bin tipped over and i spilled onto the ground, but it didnt matter, harry glaring at me made me laugh even harder. "oh its on." i whiped my eyes but gasped as i was being lifted up. "NO!!" "booooys! i found her" he smirked. i squirmed in his arms desperatly trying to get free. "who screamed back there." i took one look at harry and busted up laughing.

his face turned a dark shade of red. "she was hiding in a trash bin.." was all he said. i heard lou stiffle laughter, but regained himself as he saw harry shoot him a glare. i was being set in the middle of their little circle. shit. im a goner. "no.. guys, you know you love me!" i ducked my head under my arms, not hearing an movement, i looked up but was soon my face was met with a stringy wetness. i gasped and looked at liama dn niall who had silly string cans. i smirked and chased after them. niall got a headstart so i was after liam. "you'll never get me!" i dove for him, landing on his back and sending us pumbling to the ground. "fail liam. what happened to your never gonna get me?" i smirked. i stood up and dusted myself off. throwing my hands in the air as a sign of victory, i fist pumped all the way back to the boys. "she actually got you liam?" i smiled to myself feeling very proud.


i know this was short/: but im too busy dying over live while we're young:) so little preoccupied:p thanks for reading guys! xx

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