one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


7. to the beach!

**Tallise's POV**

i walked into my room and locked the door, i walked over to my ipod dock and plugged my phone in. i scrolled through my music, i found good time from owl city and carly rae jespen. i turned it up and jumped in the shower. singing along while i was in the shower, i massaged the shampoo into my hair and washed my whole body, i still had a faint smell of booze. i scrubbed all over my body, washing my face. i turned the water off andstepped out. i wrapped a towel around my hair and another around my body.

i walked into my bedroom and walked over to my closet. its a nice day to go to the beach, i slipped on my bathing suit, it was a simple orange bikini. i grabbed a pair of shorts and white crop top. i grabbed a bag and put a towel and sunscreen in it. i went back to the bathroom and took the towel out of my hair. i kept it wet and just put it in a messy bun. no need to put on make up. i ran back to my room grabbed my phone and slipped on a pair of white flip flops.

i slung the bag over my shoulder made my way out of my room. i ran right into harry. "oomf" i looked up at him, "what were you doing harry?" he scratched the back of his head. "well the boys sent me up here to see if you have anything planned for the day" "well, im going to the beach" "well when are you going??" i nodded down to my bag "uhhm. now??" i said with a laugh. "can we come with?" he said with a huge smile. i shrugged "if you guys want" harry ran down stairs to tell the boys, i walk downstairs and all of them are running up.

"GUYS HURRY! I WANNA GET A GOOD SPOT!" i yelled. "YEAH YEAH YEAHHH!" i rolled my eyes, i knew that was louis. i walked outside, there was actually sun. i smiled at the sun, the heat radiating from it, making my skin tingle. i heard a door close, i turn around and the boys were making their way to my car. when louis walked up, his eyes widened. "no... im not doing that again" he ran for front seat. i rolled my eyes as the rest of the boys were argueing. "seriously, guys have someone lay across your laps." they all stared at me. zayn just looked dumfounded. "why did we think of that..." i shook my head and climbed in.

i started the car, louis grabbed the cable and plugged his phone in. i pulled up to the gate, girls were surrounding the house, signs with the boys names being held up. the gate opened and people swarmed the car. the music playing in the car was already lous but that was drowned out by screams. flashes from cameras were all over the place, i could barely see anything. i got the car moving a little and the girls slowly started to part. they were banging on my windows and screaming something about gravy... i was biting my lip nervously. please dont hurt my baby. please dont hurt my baby. in the corner of my eye i saw louis waving at the girls and making hand hearts at them.

it took us 10 minutes just to get the girls to move. UH! "well good job for your first directioners encounter!" i smiled at liam in the the rearview mirror. "well it could have been worse." "danielle was freaking out when she had her first encounter!" i raised my eyebrows "whose danielle??" niall was laying across them, he batted his eyelashes "liams giiiiiirrrrlfriend" he held a hand to his heart. my face fell a little bit, but i instead bit my lip, focus on the road. focus on the road. wait. why was i acting like this. i just met him. breathe. well. he was pretty cute and nice...and funny....and sweet. i mentally shook my head, time to focus on getting to the beach.

i pulled up, slowly getting out. all the boys were half way there. i rolled my eyes.i slipped my bag over my shoulder, atleast now i get to swim.. and not get pushed in.. right when i was about to walk in the sand, i slipped my flip flops off and carried them, the sand going in between my toes. the boys ditched the shirts and shoes. i walked over the where it was and laid my towel out. putting my sunglasses on and taking my hair out. i kinda wanna tan right now.

"TALLISE!" i turned to see niall and louis running up to me. i smiled at them "what are you not gonna go swimming?" "not right now.. why?" niall and louis looked at eachother and gave a knowing nod. "yeah you boys are on crack.." they both were making their way over to me."what are you- no. no. stop walking towards me.. NO!" they had a mischievious grin on the face."tal... your going swimming!" they were advancing, right when they were about to grab me "OK! I'LL GO!!!" they high fived eachother and crossed their arms over their chest. "we're waiting..." i rolled my eyes. i slipped my shorts off and took my shrit off. i covered my body with my arms. they just looked at me. i looked away "wanna go swimming now?" they nodded.

i started walking ahead of the,, but next thing i know im being thrown over a shoulder and im looking at lou's ass.  i didnt even fight. "louis.. why do you always do this??" "NOT ALWAYS!"  "louis.." "yeah love?" i laughed and then said "you have a big butt." niall started busting up laughing. louis then smacked my butt. "OW!!" i glared at his back, i then smacked his even harder. we were now walking through the water. "louis, it seems like i always see you and my sister doing this." "ZAYN! louis is being a pervert again! he spanked my bum!"  "SHE SAID MY ASS WAS FAT!" "not fat... just big. THERES A DIFFERENCE!" he was now waist deep.

i was now being thrown into the water. water going up my nose. i swam up and started coughing. i glared at louis. everyone was laughing. i shook my head at the boys and started swimming, diving under the water.  i swam up and got some air. i turned and looked up at the sky, floating. i should have known liam had a girlfriend. he wasnt flirting with me. oh god i feel so dumb now! what if he told danielle?! i slapped my hands to my face and rubbed my eyes. 

"you ok?" i jumped and stopped floating. i looked at zayn and smiled. "yeaaahh, my face was burning a bit." i dipped my head underwater. "hey tal, bet i could beat you to the dock." "OH YOUR SO ON!" we started swim, he was way ahead of me. i dove under and started swimming underwater,i came up to breathe. zayn was already at the dock with a smirk. he was way ahead of me, the other boys were a little bit away  messing around. i came up with an evil plan. "AH!" i went underwater. splashing all around. oh god. their gonna flip. i made sure to get a big enough breathe of air.

i heard more splashing getting closer. i felt someone grab me and pull my up. i stopped moving. "TAL! TAL! ZAYN HURRY UP!" i kept my eyes closed and slowed my breathing, trying to  hold it. harry was the one who got me. we were moving. time to scare the shit outta him. "HARRY!" i screamed really loud. "AH! THE HELL TAL?!" i started laughing. "YOU-YOU-YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE!!!!" my stomach hurt and my eyes were watering. i wiped my eyes and looked at him. "you had me worried sick..." i swam back up to harry and gave him a puppy dog look. "im sorryyyyyyy!" he just stuck his nose in the air and crossed his arms.i put my arms up, asking for a hug. he looked at me and then back up. "im sorry harry..." he sighed and opened his arms. i wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands on my waist. i looked up at him. "dont get any ideas." he winked. i moved out of his arms "your such a flirt" he shrugged but smiled.

i swam back to the other boys, zayn looked mad. i smiled. "ya like my joke bro?" he flipped me off. "LOVE YOU TOO ZAYNIE!" things was kinda awkward for me when i was around liam. i started making my way up to my towel.

"hey there mouse." i looked up and samantha was there.  she was wearing something that shouldnt even ve considered a swim suit. i didnt say anything.i went and sat on my towel. "what? your famous brother not here? you gonna be a loner?" i kept my mouth shut and looked at the ground. "i dont believe you, zayn would never want to be seen with someone like you. i think him and the boys feel sorry for you" "tal!" i looked up and niall was running over. "oh look, its niall!" said samantha. niall came and sat by me. "you wanna go get ice cream? cause im starving" i was about to say something but samantha opened her mouth "oh niall, would i be able to come too! i mean me and mouse- i mean tallise are such good friends." i looked up at her in shock. "uhm. we dont have room.. sorry." "whatever.. bye mouse, just remember what i said."

i bit my lip and turned to niall and nodded. i stood up and  went to pick up my clothes but niall grabbed my arm.  i turned and gave him a questioning look. "are you ok?" i nodded. samantha looked so pretty, like im not saying i call myself ugly but i know that when i stand next to her or if im even in the same room. i look ordinary. i pulled my clothes on and looked at him. "ready to go?" "yeah! zayn said its only a quick walk" i grabbed my flip flops and carried them until we got to the pavement.

"so you gonna tell me what that was all about or do i have to get it outta ya?" i smiled a little, "its nothing really." he looked like he didnt believe me. "it didnt look like nothing." "its honestly fine niall, thank you for caring though." he put his hands in his pockets and smiled. i heard a girl scream in the distance. i looked around and saw a group of girls coming right for us. oh yeah.. niall is famous.  he put his arm over my shoulder protectively.  he was about to run the other direction but i stopped him.

"what are you doing? trying to get mauled?!" i shook my head "take some pictures and sign stuff" i smiled. he kept his arm on my shoulder. the girls came up and started asking him questions. "uhm excuse me?" i looked at a girl, she looked like she was about to pass out. "are-are you dating anyone in one direction?" i shook my head "i wish" i said with a smile though. "how do you know them?" my smile widened "im zayn's little sister" the girl screamed. it made me flinch, niall walked over and put his arm back over my shoulders. "everything ok here tal?" i nodded "she asked how i knew you guys, and then she screamed"

the girl looked like she was cry, she kept her eyes on niall.  i nudged him, he went up to her and smiled "whats your name?" "na-natalie" "would you like a picture natalie?" she only nodded. she handed me her camera. niall put his arm over her shoulders like he did with me and they both smiled. i snapped the picture and handed it back to her. after he signed a couple more, me and him walked off. we walked into the ice cream place, a lady was there.

"hello kids, what can i get you?" i smiled politely at her "can i get a cake batter ice cream cone?" she got my ice cream and then gave it to me, niall was still looking, "need help there niall?" he nodded i was leaning look at the ice cream next to him. "what about the blueberry muffin? its pretty good! i like the muffin pieces in it!" i said smiling. he looked up at the lady "i'll take the blueberry muffin one please" i offered some of my ice cream to niall, as he was leaning in i smashed some in his face. i smiled innocently "sorry nialler" he wiped it off his nose and licked his finger. "you guys are such a cute couple" we both looked at the lady. not knowing what to say..


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