one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


17. pinch me... im dreaming

**Tallise's POV**

waking up, my hair was on one side of my face, i felt like complete crap, the boys kept me up til 5 in the morning because harry and louis couldnt choose a fucking movie to watch, and then niall was trying to get me to make him a cake, zayn was trying to cut liam's hair and i sat there spacing out and staring at a wall. i sat up in bed, instantly regretting it, headrush. no bueno. i looked at the clock and it said 11:38. wow. only like 6 hours of sleep? cool.

i walked into my bathroom and washed my face, leaving me skin all refreshed and tingly.  i brushed my teeth and let my hair hang down. throwing on a sweatshirt i walked downstairs. so tired. but i cant sleep.. as i walked into the hallway by the kitchen i rounded the corner. "BA!!!" "FUCCCK!" i screamed.  i clutched my heart and tried to control my breathing. good way to start the day. "the fuck harry?!!?" i said breathlessly. he smirked but  tried to hold in laughter "i thought you were liam" i rolled my eyes "well sorry to disappoint you buddy boy" i said sarcastically. he grinned and smacked me on the shoulder playfully "its all good love!"  he then walked off like nothing happened. did he have a big bowl of crack this morning?!!? i think so... as i walked into the kitchen, food was calling to me. my stomach then made the sound of a dying whale. i poked it to keep it from making anymore noises.

"that fuck was that?" i jumped yet again getting scared. liam was giving me a look. "god dammit! whats with you boys and scaring me" i exclaimed. he smiled sweetly "love, pretty sure the noise from you stomach was scarier than us" i gasped but then shrugged. it was true, they weren't that scary they were like puppies. "want me to make you something?" i looked up into liam's eyes and nodded with a grin on my face. he smiled and walked over to the cupboards rummaging around. "TAL! YOU UP?!?!" "DOWN HERE ZAYNIE!" "DAMMIT! NO MORE ZAYNIE!" i smirked.

he came jogging in and stopped when he got to me "go get ready! we're leaving ing 2 hours." i tilted my head to the side. "just do it ok" i nodded and looked over and liam who was trying to desperatly wrap something up in a tortilla. i smiled and walked over, moving his hands gently i wrapped it and took a bite and set it back down.  "thnks fer da furd" i mumbled with my mouth full. i ran upstairs and into my room, taking a quick shower i changed into a bright blue tank top with dark skinny jeans, its kinda cold. i smirked to myself as i crept into zayn's room, i opened his closet and smiled as i found a varsity jacket that was a sky blue, i slipped it on and smiled at my find.

i skipped back into my room and blown dried my hair and threw it up in a ponytail with a bow.  i put cover up on and a thick amount of mascara. PERFECT! now all i need is shoes... i walked back into my closet and found a pair of lace patterned toms. i smiled to myself and skipped down stairs. the boys were all sitting in the kitchen whispering about something. as i walked in zayn smiled widely. "soooo you've practiced your songs right?" oh no. i nodded. "well you're opening for ed sheeran again tonight! he really likes your singing so thats BRILLIANT!" oh. my. god. the ed sheeran likes my singing. can i die now? i think i can. wait. no. if i do then i cant meet him. i was silently fangirling inside.  "uhm., earth to tal?" i flinched and looked at the 5 awaiting boys. "you coming?"  i nodded my head virgoriously and tried to keep me cool. oh what am i saying, fangirls dont know the definition of keeping their cool. i know that for a fact.. cause... im one of them.

i was so ansy in the car, i just couldnt contain it. "you know i think tal is excited?" i turned to niall and smiled "only ALOT!" as we pulled up to teh building i had to keep my breathing normal. "alright, so we're gonna go talk to ed and then you two need to practice for your guy's duet." i stopped walking and my mouth dropped to the ground. im gonna be singing with edward sheeran. someone pinch me?

as we walked into an empty room my nerves were really getting to me, i mean this wasnt just me, i was gonna be singing with someone famous, one of my idols. well other than the boys.. i dont get nervous around them.. "you dont get nervous around us?" i froze. "i just said that out loud didnt i.." i heard niall stifle laughter.  my face turned beat red. i looked around the room, harry and zayn were playing hot hands and louis was being oddly quiet and niall was spinning in circles... dont even want to know. i was being pulled from my wrist and out the door, i was turned around and i felt myself getting lost into his dar brown eyes. "so i dont make you nervous?" just liam asking that question actually did. keep a straight face. right as i was about to open my mouth he took a step forward. the look in his eyes was mesmerizing. whoa whoa whoa. what the hell happened to sweet innocent liam?!? he smirked. and walked off. uhm. what just happened???

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