one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


9. one direction as my alarm clock.. -_-"

**tallise's POV**

"MOM! TAMMIE!" i shouted. she turned around, her clothes stained and crumbled. bottle held in her hands. her face was mad, her once bright and life filled eyes now black like an abyss."what?!" she tried walking off, but i grabbed her arm. "mom. you're drunk" she pulled against my grip, but it didnt losen. "your pathetic!" i froze at her words. "your a horrible excuse for a daughter! you never brought us anything good. you always made things harder for me and your father!" she pulled her arm away from my grasp and continued to glare at me.

"mom- im sorry. you guys gave me up. its not like i wanted this to happen" she scoffed at my words. i was 13 or so when i was put in an adoption home, i didnt really have a choice. she tried walking away again, i reached out to grab her. we were on a sidewalk, no one out walking the streets. she grunted at me and proceeded to walk across the street. "MOM!" i grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her to face me, tears were stuck in her eyes.

"tallise. i love you. im so sorry" "mom i love you too. just... please dont leave me again" i took my hand off her and tried fighting the tears that were blurring my vision. she just shook her head and walked out into the road. headlights flashed and the thud of something blurred in front of me. i didnt recognise my scream, i just remember seeing my mom lying in the middle of the road, her lifeless body, blood surrounding her.

i jumped oin my bed, my breathing short and gasping. the memory still sticking with me. i felt tears running down my face, i quickly wiped them away, i heard a booming kind of noise and then the light from the hallway flooded in my room. zayn was standing there, alert clear on his face. "tal are you ok? i heard a scream" i gave a small nod. "nightmare?" i looked at the floor and nodded again. "you remember what i used to do when you had a nightmare?" i looked at him and smiled. "yeah.. you would sing to me." "yup, you would always have me sing you'll be in my heart from tarzan." i smiled at the memory and laughed slightly. he walked over to the bed and put an arm over my shoulder. "you know. me and you havent had a chance to get caught up" he said with a smile.

i nodded "ok mister popstar, tell me about recording?" "tal, im living the dream... its hard to think that im recording for people. that they're gonna be listening to our music, that. we're so popular." he looked distant, off in dreamland with a grin plastered on his face. he's always wanted this, seeing him to happy, made all feelings of sadness going away. "but tal you still sing?" "eh.. not really. well unless you count the shower then yes im practically britney spears" i laughed at the end. "you used to sing all the time. why did you stop?" i started to think about that. "well.. when you left, no one really listened to me, sooo i didnt see a point in it" i replied with a shrug. "well thats gonna change.." i gave him a totally confused look. "you'll see, but you need to sleep.."

looking over at the clock i saw it was 2 in the morning. i didnt realize i went to bed so early, let alone the boys did.i laid underneath the covers but zayn made his way over to my bed and sat down by my feet "what are you doing?" "being a big brother.... -you'll be in my heart, yes you'll be in my heart, from this day on, now and forever mor. you'll be in my heart, no matter what they say. you'll be here in my heart always-" he sang the words so beautifully, laying my head on the pillow my eyes started to drift "night zaynie. and thank you" i heard him chuckle "love you tal" "i've missed you" before i heard him reply, i fell back asleep.

"tallise.. TAAAAlise. TALLY!" i grumbled as someone was shaking me, shouting at me. "tal." i sighed. "what lou..." "can you make me food..." i grabbed my pillow and covered my face with it. you have got to be freaking kidding me. "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" this kid just wont stop. "if i make you something will you stop?" "yes!" i pushed the covers off me, the cold air hitting my legs. i looked down as goosebumps started forming. i had a yellow longsleeve shirt covering my arms.

i heard someone stifle a laugh. i looked at lou. "really.. barbie shorts.." i looked down, and smiled at them, "zayn got them for me for my first christmas with them" he rolled his eyes at me. yup he was jealous. i walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, lou was eagerly waiting for food. i was so tired. i grabbed a bowl, milk and coco pebbles. i poured the cereal in the bowl and added milk. fishing a spoon out of the drawer and placed the bowl in front of him. his facial expression was shocked and then looked at me. "what-what is this?" "food. now im going back to bed..." i took one last look at his pouting face and made my way upstairs. i collapsed on my bed, my eyelids drooping, i snuggled into the comforter, smiling as my body started to warm up.

right as i was falling asleep, i faintly heard my door open. i didnt care, i was so tired. "its time to get up in the morning...."

after three boys who sang to me and jumped on my bed i sat up and glared at them. "THE HELL!?!?!?" niall smirked "thats how we woke up your brother and harry.. harry was more enthuastic.." i glared at them playfully and pulled the blankets over my face. i heard someone whispering "she has wierd pjs.." "lou..." "yeah?" "shut up... your just jealous!" i smirked as i heard him intake a breathe. soon the covers were ripped off me. i gasped as the cold air yet again hit me. i curled up in a ball. "get up!" i put my hand up and flipped all three of them off. they all laughed. i grumbled. seriously. i want sleep. not three hyper active boys jumping on my bed. yeah that might be some other girls dreams but.. i like sleep. it went silent. "liam.. i know a way we can get her up..." all i heard was footsteps. and then a deep voice whispering with lou.

i felt the bed dip and someone lay down next to me, then the part of the behind me dipped too. i didnt bother moving. "tal.." "go. away. harry. im. tired." "tally. pwease" the thick irish accent behind me said "niall.. that doesnt work on me." "sorry tally, but we didnt want to have to do this." before i had time to react, bodies were lying on top of me,elbows digging into my sides. "UH! YOU GUYS ARE FATTIES!" "dog pile?" i heard zayn laugh. "zayn! why is it you never help with these situations?!?!" i gasped under someones chest. "fine... i'll help" i sighed in relief but soon i felt even more weight added. i groaned even more. bastards... "FINE! im awake.. you assholes.." i felt someones fingertips lightly touch my side, leaving a warm tingly trail after his hand left contact with my skin.

i gasped and struggled to get up. who touched me? i mean i know it was accident, but. what?!?? all the weight was gone and i was left gasping for air. they all had smug looks on their faces. i grunted and then stood up. stretching my legs. "you still have those tal?" i laughed at zayns comment and gave him a duhhh look. "well yeah!" his smile widened. i made my way to the bathroom and grabbed my tooth brush, brushing away the morning breathe taste leaving it with a minty tingly feeling. i threw my hair up in a ponytail and began to wash and rinse my face. pat drying it and walking back into my room, niall was spread across my bed and lou was going through my drawers. "LOUIS!" he jumped a good 5 feet away from my dresser and put an innocent expression on his face. he smiled sweetly. "hi!" i rolled my eyes. and leaned against my door frame. i swear.. they're children

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