one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


6. interesting doesnt even describe them.

**Tallise's POV**

i climbed over zayn and lifted his head and rested it on my lap. he was so out of it. he eyes closed and he started snoring. i smiled down at him. when he would come home drunk before the whole x factor. he would walk into my room and dance like a retard. and he would basically pass out on my lap.

i turned to liam, he was spacing out, looking at the headrest in front of him.  i leaned over zaynn moved my hand in front of his eyes. he blinked a couple times and smiled at me. "liam, you didnt have to come, you could have stayed and partied with the other boys" he shook his head "i dont really drink, and i would have left it early anyhoo" i tilted my head "why dont you drink?" "only one kidney works sooooo gotta watch my drinking" i nodded my head. "so-" he was cut off by the van jerking to a stop. i looked out the windows, we made it home. there were fans outside the gate, screaming really freaking loud.

i started shaking zayns shoulders "zayn, zaynie..." no reponse. "ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYNNNNNNNNNNN!!" he sat up holding his head. "god tal. wha-what?" "get up, i'll help you to your room" i drunkingly nodded and slowly got out of the van. i put his arm around over my shoulder,and started to walk, "liam, can you please open the door?" i said gasping. he went and opened it and pulled on zxayns other arm to help me. we pulled him up the up the stairs. "good god, he doesnt seem to be this fat." i heard liam chuckle at me "well maybe your just weak" i huffed and rolled my eyes. we hauled him to his room and threw him on his bed. i went to the bathroom and filled a glass with water and grabbed 2 asprins. i set them on the bed table next to him.

i pushed liam out of the room and closed the door. "well im gonna change real fast, wanna watch a movie?" he smiled at me widely "would love to love" i walked into my bedroom and locked my door. i grabbed a pair of sweats that said seaside on the side. i got them from a "family vacation" awhile ago. and a simply baby blue sweatshirt. i brushed through  my hair and wiped the make up off my face. i brushed my teeth getting that horrible alcohol after taste outta my mouth.

i went downstairs and saw liam going through our movies. "find anything good yet?" i said leaning against a door frame. "not yet, will you help me love?" i walked over to wear he was kneeling and sat on my knees next to him. i grabbed 3 movies, spiderman, lion king and transformers. i turned to him "what about these?"  he nodded his head vigoriously. i stood up and walked to the kitchen. i was going through the cabinets. "what are you doing?' liam whispered by my ear. i jumped and hit my head on his. i started rubbing my head. "owww." i turned to him and glared playfully. he was rubbing his head but was laughing slightly. "well mr.  im getting popcorn" he smiled even wider and nodded his head "well love, im gonna go start the movie"

i put the popcorn in the microwave and turned it on. 3 minutes later the popcorn was done, i got a big blue bowl for the popcorn and made my secret special popcorn. me and my mom made it up when i was little. i walked into the living room. the lights were off and the tv showed the dvd menu. i went and sat next to liam, putting the bowl between us. grabbed a handful and stuffeds it into his mouth.

his eyes widened."what kind of popcorn is this?" "a special kind" i said with a smile "well its good" "why thank you! im a profesional popcorn maker you know that?" "oh yeah?" he said raising an eyebrow "yup, im basically the martha stewart of it" i said throwing a piece of popcorn up into the air, was waiting to catch it, but i saw liams hand snatch it in the air and he threw it in his mouth. "uh! jerk..." he smirked at me. i grabbed the remote and pushed play. the circle of life started playing, i pulled my knees to my chest and munched on popcorn.

at the end of the movie i was lying on  the couch and my feet were in liams lap. my eyes were starting to close, so tired. so comfortable. i felt my legs move, i opened my eyes slightly and saw liam grabbing two blankets. "mm, wha-whatya doin?" "shh. go back to sleep, rolled over and curled up into a ball, i felt a blanket being drapped over me. i immediatly fell asleep.

I woke up to hearing banging around, i looked at the clock it was 4 am. i tried sitting up, put i felt someone laying on my legs that were still curled up. i looked down at liam he was softly snoring. i saw a figure walk into the the room."who is that??" i said groggily."its. har-harraaah" i sat up, liam moved but soon fell back asleep.i rubbed my eyes, great now i cant fall back asleep.  i heard a thud and soon after "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" "harry shut up! people are trying to sleep" i heard him crawling, i felt someone lean on the couch. i got up to turn on the light, harry didnt have a shirt on and he was passed out leaning on the couch.

i shook my head and walked into the kitchen. there was a faint light outside. i went and poured coffee grounds into the coffee pot.  filled the pot thing with water and turned it on. well. what to do. i went upstairs to my room and grabbed my laptop. i ran back downstairs and sat at the island and logged onto facebook. i dont even know how long i was on there. i was playing the little games they have on there. i only had maybe.. 3 friends on here. yeah in other words. i fail. i went onto my profile, just scrolling through.. meh. im bored. i logged off and got up, i started rumaging through the fridge, finding  bacon, eggs and blueberry muffins.

it was now 9 in the morning. i started cooking the bacon and scrambled the eggs. i heard shuffling of feet. i looked up and louis walked in. his hair was all over the place and he was in last nights clothes. i poured a cup of coffee and added some vanilla creamer. he sat at the island and laid his head on the counter.

"hey. louis, how do you take your coffee?" "i need it strong.." i smirked "well someone is hung over" i poured  the steaming coffee into a cup and handed it to louis. he looked up and smiled a little. "thanks" "do you want some food?" he took a drink of his coffee and breathed a sigh. "yes please tal" i smiled and pulled 2 plates out, i put 2 pieces of bacon, some eggs and a muffin on them. i handed lou his and i sat down on the other side of the island and started to eat.

next liam came out of the living room, he smiled and went and grabbed a cup and poured himself some coffee and took a muffin. "tal, your gonna make me food.. everyday." louis was talking with his mouth full. louis ate all the food."lou you know niall is gonna be pissed." liam said laughing. i grabbed the dishes and walked over to the sink and started to wash them. 

"want help?" liam whispered into my ear, like last night i jumped. i turned around and smacked his arm. "LIAM! dont do that!" he chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. he hit my hip with his and moved me to the strrainer, "i'll wash you dry" i smiled "ok"  i was waiting for him to wash one of the plates. i smirked "come on grandpa, i wanna dry it before i meet my maker" "oh ha ha" he finally finished it, i grabbed it and started drying it. we finally finished. me and the boys who were actually awake, me, liam, louis and niall all sat in the living room.

harry grumbled, stood up from where he was sleeping and walked upstairs. more than likely to go back to sleep. we were all talking and having fun. so this is what it feel like to have friends. at one point i called louis a fatty. well he ate a breakfast for 6 people! next thing i know, im being thrown over his shoulder.  i started pounded on his back. "LOUIS! I SWEAR TO GOD!" he ran all around the house, down the halls. "ZAYN! HELP! LOUIS IS MOLESTING ME!" "AM NOT!" louis stopped, me and him were argueing about whose molesting who until zayn's door opened. "louis what the hell are you doing to my sister."  i looked zayn "molesting me!"

i felt someone smack my butt. zayn just looked amused. "ok.. have fun" "SOME BROTHER YOU ARE?!"  "louis put her down" "LIAM MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR!"  i shouted. louis dropped me, i fell right on my butt. i glared up at him "and thats why you dont call me fat.." and walked off. liam held out his hand, i took it and stood up. "well im gonna go get ready, thanks for saving me liam!" i said winking. he ruffled my hair and walked off. wonder what we're gonna do today?....

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