one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


19. i need to know. should i risk it?

**Tallise's POV**

the concert was brilliant! with my songs i just lost myself, there was a smile on my face and it never left. right when i was about to do covergirl i grabbed the microphone. "this next song is for anyone who has ever felt insecure, keep your head up! you're all beautiful to me. this is for you" i smiled as i turned to liam and gave a little nod for him to start. he sent me a wide smile and started.

right after me and ed performed our song i gave a wave to the crowd and walked off, now it was his turn to do his set. i sighed, my face was sweaty and gross and i was on a concert high. "TAL! THAT WAS AMAZING!" zayn said with a grin, he grabbed me and twirled me around. i giggled as i felt my head spinning even more. "ok put me down." he still wouldnt "ZAYN!" i screamed but grinned at him. he reluctantly dropped me on my feet, only for me to get pulled into another hug by a certain irish boy.  "that was amazing!" he kissed my cheek and pushed my down the line of 3 other waiting boys. i gave harry a hug and he messed my hair. i gave him a little glare, he smirked at me causing a dimple to pop on one of his cheeks. i was picked up off the ground by lou as he shook me side to side "AWH! MY TALLY PIE IS ALL GROWN UP!" he stopped shaking me, "lou... i- uh you're a strange one.."

i grinned at him like the cheshire cat. he dropped me to my feet, i stumbled into a pair of nice strong arms. i turned to face him and if possible my smile was touching my forehead."you. did. amazing" he said, his brown eyes melting me. how could this boy give me these feelings.  he gave me a strong hug, and i wrapped my arms around his neck, his arms rested on my hips and he gave me a quick hug, i soon realized why.. zayn was still in the room. i let go and turned to face all the other boys. "Thank you guys so much!" i heard ed's voice echo throughout the music hall

"i would like to call tallise out here again" i turned to face where i exited the stage from and saw ed gesturing for me to come out. i was a little worried, i wasnt supposed to perform another song. i walked out, i heard the crowd cheer as i walked out. i gave ed a confused smile. "well, since your brother and his band mates are leaving soon, i was wondering-" he paused and looked out to the crowd. i forgot... the boys are leaving.. it's gone by so fast. "tallise, would you want ot open for me on my tour?" i felt my stomach drop to the ground. i opened my mouth but no words came out. he smiled at me, urging me to answer. "i- i uh-" the crowd started chanting "YES YES YES YES" i couldnt breathe. was this really happening.

i bit my lip, what else do i do after the boys leave. nothing? continue to get teased from samantha or with this, i wont ever be home. when will i ever see the boys? i closed my eyes, trying to drown out the crowd and all noise. i know what i want to do.. i opened my eyes and looked into this ginger's eyes. i nodded. he came up to me and gave me a bear hug. i smiled and patted his back.  he brought the microphone to his lips. "thank you guys once again for coming out! can't wait for you guys to hear my friend tallise's music!" i laughed a little and waved once again to the crowd and walked off.

the boy's jaws were on the ground. i still couldnt recover. i was going on tour.. with my idol.. i stood in front of them, waiting for a reaction.. waiting for something. they should be happy for me right?liam was the first person to wipe the shocked look off his face. he smiled at me, trying to be supportive.. i know it was forced. "im happy for you tal!" that caused the other boys to run up to me and make it a tallise sandwhich. i laughed as the 4 boys started to jumping up and down, i peeked over louis' shoulder and saw liam just standing there looking at the ground. "ok guys, cant breathe!" they stepped aside and continued to smile.

when we got home i went straight to my room and collapsed on my bed, well.. i missed and slipped off the mattress and onto the floor. i lay on my back on the plush baby blue carpet. i stared at teh ceiling. what do i do? i mean.. what do i with liam? i mean i really like hoim, but what if he doesnt want anything serious. i ran my hands down my face. i pulled headphone out of my pocket and slipped them on, i turned on all time low. i let the sounds of day dream away play. i kept my eyes closed.

i felt something poke my side, i let out a little squeak and flung my eyes open. i looked up to see liam. i took the headphone out. "what was that noise for?" he said witha  soft chuckle. "it tickled.. and you scared me" i said with a little glare. he smiled at me, knowing i was just messing around. he closed my door and sat down on the floor with his legs out in front of him, using his arms for support. "so.. you're really going on the tour.." he said quietly. "i- i dont know for sure." i mumbled looking at the ground. i heard him sigh. "i dont want to stop you tal" "liam, it-its not even that..." "what else is it?" he said quietly. "when will i ever see my family? or zayn? or you guys? i wont have a normal senior year... doesnt matter if im not able to go to school anymore. what am i going to do? we're going to be on totally different schedueles-"

i was pressed against his chest. "tal, you're stressing yourself out." i pulled away. "but i need to stress this liam! i have to have a setlist! who is going to play for me! what do i do! i cant do anything! im alone on this!" i felt bad for raising my voice at him, i just cant think straight now. "dont take it out on me ok." "liam, there is just so much going on.. i-" i stopped talking. it was silent. why does it matter to him so much? i dont want this to be a friends with benefits thing with him. i know we've only kissed twice, but i if its nothing i want to save myself from the heartbreak.

"liam.. what am i to you? you say you like me, but please liam. please.. dont hurt me" i said in a whispered tone. i felt so vulnerable, so open, so needy.  "tal. with this you dont want anything serious.... and-and- and neither do i.." i felt my heart breaking. i know i wanted the truth.. but if i knew how bad it hurt to hear him say that, then i would have been better off not knowing. "oh-ok" i said. he didnt say anything. i stood up and was about to walk out to the kitchen but i was stopped, he grabbed me and pinned my against the wall and was just about to kiss me. i wanted to kiss him so bad. to feel his lips against mine. but.. i put a hand on his chest, "dont hurt me liam" i said once again. "dont kiss and leave" i said having my eyes look into his. he nodded. and pushed himself off of me. he walked off, leaving alone. did i just make the biggest mistake of my life?

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