one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


11. high off the crowd.

**Tallise's POV**

i was so high. high off the stage, the screams, the crowd. zayn was so sweet. i just couldnt get this smile off my face. we were now at a nearby park, im sitting on a swing, the boys messing around on the jungle gym. "HARREHHHH!" IM STUCK!!!" i looked up to see louis crammed in the jungle gym. i shook my head at him. i was swaying on the swing, letting my feet drag in the bark. making a patteren. i jolted forward, grabbing the chains of the swing i turn around to see liam, he had an easy smile on his lips. i returned the smile, knowing that its just us being friends.

he continued to push me, "so. you did amazing tonight by the way" i said breaking the silence. i heard him chuckle behind me. "i should be the one saying that to you acually" i scoffed at what he said. "what you don think your good?" he grabbed the chains when i swung back. i didnt turn to look at him. rolling my eyes i replied "im not saying i dont think im good, i just dont think im THAT good." he didnt say anything. i turned my neck slightly and he just shook his head at me. "just trust me on this. you. did. amazing. but check your twitter" i was confused on why. so pulling out my phone i tapped twitter. i had 500 new followers. i gaped at my phone. there were mentions of me too. some saying that i was amazing. some of them asking how i knew the boys. but most were talking about the whole me and liam scandal. liam walked off, probably gonna try and get louis unstuck i looked through some tweets some more. one from liam made my heart sink a little.

me and @tallisegirlforlove are not together! i love danielle!

but its true. i shook my head to somehow clear it. i got off the swing, looking at the pond in the distance. i wrapped my arms around myself and walked over. "TAL!" i turned around and niall running over. he had a wide smile on his lips. catching up and putting his hands in his pockets. "whatya doin?" he questioned. "just going for a walk" i said with a smile. he nodded his head. "tal you cold?" niall was taking his jacket off, i looked down at my arms, goosebumps rising on my skin. he draped his green zip over my shoulders.

i pushed my arms through the sleeves, still warm from niall wearing it. "thanks" i said with a sweet smile. aproaching the pond, there was the tree i used to climb with zayn. i took my shoes off and made my way over to it. "your gonna go tree climbing.. in a dress" niall was raising an eyebrow at me. i nodded my head. "you coming?" i questioned. he nodded and started climbing, he made it look so difficult. i stifled laughter and made my way up. i was behind him, ive climbed this tree so many times that im used to it. niall stopped and just hugged the tree trunk. "i dont know where to stop!!" i laughed "follow me!" i manuevered my way on the other side of the tree, holding onto branches beside me, walking out to a branch that goes across the water, the branch was huge so i could easily sit comfortably on it. soon after niall came and sat on the other side of me. my legs dangling over the water, my toes lightly dipping in the water.

"whoa. this is crazy cool" niall said beside me. "me and zayn came here a lot" i said with a smile. "you and him are close arent you?" i nodded my head, smiling to myself. "when we were on the xfactor, he would talk about you non stop, always bringing up old memories and stuff. he missed you. a lot" "i missed him too." my phone was going off, want u back playing. pulling it out, zayns picture lit up the picture "yo bro!" "where are you and niall?" "oak tree" with that i hung up. he knew where it was. my swaying my feet, the breeze feeling great. i leaned my head on his shoulder, not knowing why. "ow.. DAMMIT!" i took my head of nialls shoulder and looked down to see zayn and harry trying to climb the tree. i laughed at them. "shut it!!" harry shouted. that just made me and niall laugh even harder. i leaned my head back on nialls shoulder, i heard a click.

i turned around. nothing. i shrugged, but i started to ease myself down into the water, still holding onto the branch i stepped on the ground of the pond. it reached my knees. "what the hell are you doing?" i looked up at niall who was still perched on the branch. "nothing" i said shrugging. "fucking aye tal.. i climb all the way up here, and you go down.." i smiled at zayn he was glaring at me. harry was rolling his pants up and taking his shoes and converse off. he copied me, soon enough we were both walking out in the water. "so you and niall eh?" i gave harry a confused look. "whatya mean?" "you guys are getting pretty close." i shook my head. "nope, just friends." harry didnt look like he believed me. "really?" "yes really." he shrugged,

i walked in front of him, i felt water spray on my back and the back of my bare legs. i gasped at the cold contact. i turned and glared at harry who was trying to play oh so innocent. "you dead styles!" i said with a smirk! he turned to run, but i jumped on his back, sending both of us into the water. i sat up and laughed. harry's hair was all messed up. i stood up, the jacket was soaked same as my dress. the jacket clinging the freezing dress to my body. i pulled harry up with me "tal.. who do you like?" i froze, "urm. no one?" i tried sounding confused. "bullshit. who?" he smirked at me. "pfft! even if i did like someone why would i tell you?" i questioned crossing my arms over my chest. "cause-" he smiled widely at me "you love meeeeee!" "and when did i agree to that?" i said raising an eyebrow. "its by law... you have to love me!" "oh ok.. keep telling yourself that." "i will.." i smiled at him "cool story bro-" before i could finish he looked at me and said "and i will continue to tell it agin until its true!!!!" he was so dramatic, but i know he's just messing around.

i laughed at him, we made oujr way back to the tree, niall and zayn waiting at the bottom. "you almost dropped you phone in smart one!" zayn said. i stuck my tongue out at him. i turned to niall. "hey budddiiiiiiiiieee!" i was still soaking wet. i advanced towards him. "uhm, hi?" he finally realized what i was gonna do, his eye widened right when i hugged him., right then another click but there was also a flash "NO!" i laughed and stepped away from him, his shirt and pants now wet. "your welcome nialler!" i said. i looked up at the sky. "what are you doing?" asked zayn. "i thought i a flash, so i thought there was lightening" they all looked at me like i was crazy "tal.. your trippin, TIE DEM SHOES!" i laughed at harry. "trying to be gangster over there harry?" he stuck his tongue out at me and started walking towards the van. so. tired. and. cold

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