one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


10. facing your fears

**Tallise's POV**

after shooing the boys out of my room, i got dress. i slipped on a pair of leggings and a green,blue and purple flannel. i walked downstairs and all the boys were still in their pjs watching cartoons, well lou was. liam, niall and harry were all playing on their phones. where's zayn? i walked into the kitchen and my question was answered. he was looking through the fridge and groaning to himself. i walked over to the coffee pot and poured myself a cup. the creamer was still out so i poured it into my coffee till it turned from a dark brown to a nice light carmel color. i stirred it around, spacing out and looking at the swirls the spoon had created.i was pulled out of my daze, by my bother snapping his fingers in front of my face. i blinked a couple times and looked at him."hmmm. wha-what?" he shook his head at me and laughed. "i said is that what your wearing for the day?" wierd question. "urrm. yeah?? whyyy?" he smirked. "just wondering... we're gonna be leaving at 4 later" "ok.. its like... 11 why are you telling me this now??" he didnt say anything just continued to smirk. i glared at him. zayn and his stupid plans!! i took a drink of my coffee the sweet vanilla taste running down my throat.i sighed and rested my elbows on the island. i pulled the laptop that was across from me over. i clicked on the internet icon and typed twitter in. the familiar homepage popped up and i logged into my account. i havent checked this in awhile! i had over 10000 new followers. and about the same amount of mentions. all asking for me to tell something to my brother or to the boys. i sighed and clicked on the compose a tweet

HEY GUYS! been awhile. zaynie is back! oh how ive missed you @zaynmalik :)

and hit enter. i scrolled through and didnt find anything interesting. but a mention popped up.

from zayn

@tallisegirlforlove i thought we agreed no more zaynie...

i replied back.

@zaynmalik i agreed to nothing! you assumed:P

i quickly logged off and smirked to myself. "REALLY TAL?!?" zayns voice boomed. i grabbed my coffee and continued to sip it. after gulping down the last of my coffee and placed it in the sink. my stomach growled a little. i looked down at my tummy and poked it to get it to stop. i started rummaging through the cabinets till i found left leftover muffins. i took one and put it on cookie sheet and turned the oven on, not to hot but to get it perfect. when the oven beeped i threw the cookie sheet in and started drumming my fingers on the counter. the smell of banana nut muffins filled the house. "whose making food...." i hear in the distance. i rolled my eyes as niall came into the kitchen inspecting. i smirked at him, when he saw me he started to give me puppy dog eyes. "taaaaaaalll... whatya makin??" "a muuuuffffin." "can i have one?" his face brightened. i shook my head and stuck my tongue out at him. his face dropped "niall if i dont eat all of mine, you can have the rest"

the smile returned on his face as he sat down at the island. i turned back to the oven and opened the door, the muffin was just perfect. i pulled it out and let it cool down. i heard my phoen going off up in my room, the sound of want u back playing. i sprinted upstairs to answer it. the number was unknown "uhm hello?" "hell tallise! this is jenny, from all one direction gossip!" i froze.. shit "uhm. hello. how can i help you?" i tried sounding polite even though i was scared outta my wits, these people will turn everything you say against you. "well tallise, from what we saw you and a member from one direction were getting pretty friendly, care to elaborate the whole situation with you and liam payne?" "im sorry, uhm jenny. he has a girlfriend who is dedicated to. i dont know her but from how he talks about her, he is 100% faithful to her and-"

before i could finish anything i heard harry singing down the hall. "TALLISE!" he continued to sing my name, he popped his head in the doorway and saw i was on the phone, i mouth the words "help" to him and he walked over. "uhm. jenny, i have harry styles here, he would like to tell you some interesting stuff!" i put the phone in his hand, confusion clear on his face but he put it up to his ear "urm... hello?" "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN HARRY STYLES!!!" i heard screaming through the phone. crap i was live... i was knawing at my bottom lip, harry went into superstar mode, sweet talking and being really polite. "good bye jenny! thank you for having me and tallise!" and he hung up. "the hell was that tal?" "uhhhm.. it was the same people saying that liam was cheating on danielle with me and stuff so i was clearing it up.. but i panicked. sooo i gave you the phone"

i ended with a big sweet smile. his smart reply. "oh" i rolled my eyes. "what did you want?" "ohhhh. niall ate the muffin." my eyes widened. "NIALL HORAN!" i ran down the stairs, walking into the kitchen niall saw me and ran off. on the counter was the wrapper. i sighed and shook my head. my phone was going off in my hand. unknown number. it better not be paps or something. "hello.." i said a little bit too harshly. "hey mouse." i froze. "what? not gonna talk?" i kept my lips in a straight line and hung up. not bothering with her shit today. my facebook app had 51 new notifications. my eyes widened. since when was i popular. i tapped on it and all were friend requests. looks like people saw me on the news. cool. but there were four that made me smile. the boys. i accepted all of them and locked my phone. for the rest of the time i spent watching tv with the boys, until it was 3.

zayn grabbed my arm and hauled me up to my room, "wear something.. better" i scoffed at him "gee thanks bro! real confidence boost." he walked out, not saying anything but a smile on his face. i closed and locked my door, turning to my closet, i grabbed a nice dress shirt and kept the leggings "TAL! WHERE A DRESS!!!" my face dropped. but my leggings were so comfy. i started searching through my clothes hangers i found a nice flowy dress. it was gray with a blue bow on the waist and a peach pink skirt. i put my hair in a fishtail braid and slipped on a pair of silver flats. thats as dressy as im gonna get.

walking into my bathroom i applied minimal make up, mascara and a sparkly silver eye liner. my face was nice and clear so i went ot brushing my teeth. when i was done i walked out into the hall and down to the boys. they were in the living room talking. i came in "where are we going??" i questioned. all the boys smirked. i didnt say anything just put my hands up in retreat and walked into the kitchen. niall walked out of the living room with a guitar case. "are you guys peforming??" "yeah! we have a special guest! its gonna be awesome!" he was so excited i couldnt help but smile. we all walked out to the car, not really any conversation going between us, the boys all had smiles plastered on their faces. they're living the dream. all of us climbing into the van, i was in the very back with niall and zayn.

"hey tal. you know the song who says?" i nodded "what about our song what makes you beautiful?" i gave him are-you-freaking-kidding-me look. "im taking that as a yes. uhm. what about the a team?" "yeah? niall i think everyone has heard those songs" i said with a small smile. he then looked out the window. wierd kid.. we pulled up to this grassy place, a stage sitting in the middle, groups of people surrounding it, people in lawn chairs or people laying in the grass. when the van stopped i was being drug out, niall holding my hand and pulling me towards the back of the stage. a boy was singing, he had orange hair and a sip up hoodie. oh. my. god. it was ed sheeran.

my mouth hung open as i heard him sing small bump. the boys rolled their eyes at my surprised expression. zayn was shaking me. "we're going on. dont leave this spot." i nodded. the boys sung through their songs, the did the accoustic versions of more than this, gotta be you and one thing. i smiled at them, they got so into the music. "well ladies and gentlemen, i would like to bring someone to the stage, i made a promise and well. im keeping it" liam was walking towards me and he grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards my brother. no.. no. no no no no. i tried sticking my heels on the ground to make it harder. "tal its ok. just breathe" liams words didnt help me at all. i saw 2 stools at the front of the stage, niall was sitting in one and i was being pushed to the other. zayn stood behind me with a microphone "this is my sister tallise, and shes gonna sing some songs for you.ENJOY!"

my eyes widened. i looked out into the crowd. there were a lot of girls my age with one direction and ed sheeran shirts. so many people. nialled gave a little cough and i looked in his direction. "tal, its the songs i asked about in the car. you can do this" he gave me a sweet smile and pulled out his guitar. he played the cords to who says from selena gomez .

i closed my eyes and breathed, grabbing the mircophone and putting it in front of my face, eyes still shut tight i opened my mouth and started singing "I wouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey You made me insecure, to me I wasn't good enough But who are you to judge When you're a diamond in the rough
I'm sure you got some things You'd like to change about yourself But when it comes to me I wouldn't want to be anybody else-" when the song finished i heard people screaming and clapping. i smiled a little "hey guys, as you know im tallise, next song im gonna sing is the a team from a mister ed sheeran" my smile widened as i heard more screams.

the opening cords amplifying "white lips pale face, breathing in snowflakes burnt lungs sour taste-" as i sang the last part screams echoed. i laughed a little to myself. ive missed this. the happiness i get when i sing. just losing myself. the other boys came out, the screams getting louder, "now i know you guys know this one" i swayed to the beat of nialls playing and held the mic up "your insecure, dont know what for, your turning heads when you walked through the door-" the boys sang back up, me and harry shared his solo.

the smile never left my face. "thank you guys!" i walked off waving to them. the moment i turned around i was engulfed in a famous horan hug. i wrapped my arms around his neck and he spun me around. "YOU DID GREAT!" i blushed and looked down at the ground when he stopped spinning. all the other boys hugged me, leaving zayn for last. he had a smug look on his face and opened his arms to me. i ran to him "thank you.. so much." he rubbed my back and laughed, kissing my head "anything for my sister"

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