one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


5. dude. i wasnt that drunk!

**Tallise's POV**

i skipped inside, leaving the boys behind me. i ran upstairs and walked into my room and locked my door. don't want anyone walking in! i walked into my bathroom and looked at my reflection. my hair was knotted and clumpy. i smelled like salt water and my skin just felt gross. i turned on the water, i shivered, god.. i need to shower! i made a face as a smelt my wrist. EW! i didnt care whether the water was scolding hot and freezing cold. i took off my clothes and jumped in. the water was barely warm, so i turned it up.

grabbing my body wash i scrubbed at my skin. it smelt like vanilla. YUM! i washed my hair, using extra conditioner. i wrapped the towel around my body and tied it so it wouldn't fall. i blow dried my hair. i turned my hair straightner on and started on my make up. i decided on a smokey look. i didnt make it too extreme. i made it look like i was still human!! my straightner was finally hot, i ran it through my hair. i smiled at my reflection.  i walked into my closet and tried finding a dress. i was going through my closet, throwing clothes everywhere. WHERE IS IT?!? i started throwing more clothes,"AH HA!" it was a red dress, simple. but amazing.

i bought it awhile ago, never had a reason to where it. till now. i put on a set of black bra and underwear. i slipped my dress on and went and looked in the mirror. the red made my eyes look golden. it hugged my in the right places. i smiled at myself. i grabbed a pair of simple black heels. hopefully i wont kill myself in these tonight.. yeah im not that good at walking in heels... "TAL! HURRY! I WANT TO GET THERE BEFORE IM 40!!" i rolled my eyes and grabbed a clutch, slipped my phone in it and walked out of my room. i looked around and no one was in the hall, i ran back in my room, sprayed a little perfume on and made my way downstairs.

i walked down the stairs, careful not to fall. they havent noticed me yet. i walked up. all of them deep in conversation. i made eye contact with liam.  i smiled at him. his mouth dropped. harry was waving his hand in front of liams eyes. the boys turned to me, all smirking. except zayn. he walked over and threw his jacket at me. i rolled my eyes and slipped my arms through the sleeves and left it unzipped. overprotective brother... zayn's face dropped, and his eyes became serious. he zipped the jacket all the way and turned to the boys "ready to go?" "WOOP! DRINKING!!" niall was dancing around like a dork. i started laughing, "paul sent a van for us" said liam.

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" louis ran out the door waving his hands around. i just shook my head at him. i barely knew these boys.. THEY'RE WAY BETTER THAN CABLE! we all walked to the car, the boys dancing around. so in the very back it was zayn, me and harry. in the middle was liam, niall and louis. louis and niall were arguing about food. liam was playing angry birds on his phone. zayn and harry were talking about music and come crazy fans. its wierd. i totally forgot that they were even in a famous boy band. i leaned my head on  zayns shoulder, then he rested his head on mine. i missed this. ive missed him.when he left, i didnt really talk a lot in the house, just kept to myself.

we pulled up to the club, you could hear the music. i took off the jacket and got out. we walked past on the people that were in line, going all the way to the security. zayn kept an arm over my shoulder. flashes were all around us, i ducked my head, the flashes were just crazy.  people were screaming at us. all the boys crowded around me. louis sent a sympathetic smile. i smiled back. there was a huge bulky guy guarding the door. "IDs" they hid me so that i could sneak in. somehow it worked, when we walked in, i could feel the bass in my chest. i looked around, the boys were already making their way over to the bar. i manuevered my way over to the boys, they had shots on a table.

i grabbed one and smiled, "happy birthday day sis" zayn said raising his shot. the boys started singing happy birthday, for being professional singers they sang this pretty bad. sure it was on purpose but.. dang. i blushed and looked down at the ground while they sang. "SHOT TIME" i turned to niall who was getting a little impatient. i downed my shot, it burned my throat. louis ran back to the bar and came back with more shots.  he had a mischievious smile on his face. i grabbed a shot, being the first person to grab one . i smelled it, fruity but strong.

i downed it, all the boys were giving me a look. "not that bad. really strong but not bad" i said with a smile. liam excused himself from us. me and the rest of the boys did 2 more shots. i wasnt drunk, just a tiny bit tipsy. i was with harry and lou, there were waay drunk."HARREH! I WANNA DAAAAAANCE" " buuuuut louuuuuuuuuuuuu" i grabbed their hands "come on losers! we're gonna dance!"  i drug them to the middle of the dancefloor and started dancing. i closed my eyes and continued to dance, i felt someone tap my shoulder i turned to see liam. "why are you dancing alone?" i looked around, i didnt see harry or louis. those jerks ditched. "those assholes!" liam chuckled. "i dont mean to brag, but im a pretty awesome dancer" he said brushing "dust" off his shoulders i raised an eyebrow "oh really now? PROVE IT!'

we danced for 20 minutes. someone pushed into me, their drink spilling on me. my mouth opened in surprise. i turned to see who it was. it was one of the popular girl from my school. "who knew someone as quiet as a mouse went clubbing?" she said faking shock. my face dropped and i started walking off. "tal? everything ok?" "hm. ye-yeah everythings fine" he didnt look like he believed it. i just waved it off and went to look for zayn

. liam put an arm around my waist, guiding me through the crowd. i blushed  a little, he pushed passed people and started walking behind me, hand on the lower part of my back. his touch tingled on my skin. i saw zayn's hair through the crowd. he was talking to a girl. oh no.. the popular girl. her name was samantha. ew.. she was flirting with him, from what i saw he was wasted. his eyes were drooping.

i walked up. "zayn, come on. we need to go home"  "how does the mouse know you?" samantha said with a what-the-hell tone. "oh..oh..uhm.thats my little sister" he said with a little smile throwing an arm over my shoulder. samantha looked surprised. "liam can you help me with zayn?" he nodded and threw zayn's other arm over his shoulder. we headed out to the van, "paul said he would send for the other boys" i nodded at liam and pushed zayn in the van. he laid down on the middle seat row and passed. this boy can't hold his booze..


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