one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


21. drunk.

**Tallise’s POV**

Liam left my room a little over 10 minutes ago. I sat at the end of my bed thinking about everything. Fuck this! You need to be with your brother before her leaves! I was mentally yelling at myself. I groaned and stood up. I need chapstick.. I smacked my lips together, yeah they were completely dead. I went through my desk drawers, desperately trying to find it. But I came across something that I thought I would never find again, hidden in my keepsake box was guitar cords and lyrics. I wrote this a little after zayn left. I smiled to myself a little. Well, me and him started it, I had most of it down.  I grabbed my guitar and the paper, I got to the steps. I put the strap over my head and placed the notes in front of me. I sneakily make it outside, standing in the grass, I could see the boys, they were all joking around with eachother.  I cleared my throat a little and played the cords written. I made my voice loud and clear.

Hey girl I’m waitin on ya, im waitin on ya, come on and let me sneak you out, and have a celebration, a celebration the music up the windows down.


(for the sake of the story please go along with it XD it shall all make sense!!) The I saw zayn perk up in the living room, he stood up walking toward the back door, the others following in suit. I continued singing.


Yeaah, we’ll be doing what we do just pretending that we’re cool and we know it too. Yeaah  we’ll keep doing what we do just pretending that we’re cool. So tonight.


They were standing on the porch, zayn was smiling bright and wide. The others looked utterly confused.


Let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun, I know we only met but let’s pretend its love, and never never never stop for anyone. Tonight let’s get some. And live while we’re young.


I stopped at that, smiling to myself. “wow, you still remember that?” I nodded. “finished it actually” he smirked.  “did you really?” I nodded. I picked the paper up and handed it to him. He looked it over, his grin only grew. “this is brilliant” he walked over and gave me a big hug, well as big as he could with a guitar in the way. He let go and stepped back. “lets go clubbing.. one last time while im here” drinking= good time. I smirked. “you speak my language brother!” I jumped in the air and started up the steps. “what do you want me to do with the lyrics?” zayn asked from behind. “keep em” I said with a small smile. I continued up the stairs and ran into my room, setting my guitar aside and going into my closet.

I found my silver dress, it was much too tight. I made a face and threw it out of my closet. “whoa flying clothes” I turned and saw harry coming in. “what if I was naked?!” I said, pfft. Walks in like he owns the place. He smirked. “you know you what some of this?” I rolled my eyes “in your dreams curly, what do you want? I have to get ready!?” “uh… if forgot….” He just stood there, spacing out and looking a that the wall. “im not getting dressed when you’re in hear” “well damn” he said jokingly. “I shooed him out. “fine fine! Calm your chicken filets!” he walked out of my room. I switched the lock. Boys.. I shook my head and walked back into my closet. I skimmed through all of my clothes. Nothing. “UH!” I threw my hands up in frustration. “need help?” I heard a voice say behind me. I turned and saw Louis grinning at me mischievously. “HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN!?!” I shrieked. He went into hysterics as I clutched my chest, my heart beating faster than normal. “I have my ways” he smirked. I rolled my eyes. “can I ask you something tal?”

 a louis questioned, something to be scared of. “uhh-uh sure?” he walked over to me and stood right in front of me. he put his hands on my shoulders and looked me dead in the eye. “do you like liam?” where’s the closet cliff?! Cause I would rather jump off of it instead of answer than. He smirked even more at my silence. “im taking that as yes?” I felt myself blush a deep red. “well, I have an idea, but you have to trust me” “louis-“ I started but I was soon shushed. “do you want to know how he feels?” “actually more importantly mister Tomlinson, I would like to know how long you’ve known that I liked him?” I questioned. “I cant reveal my secret missy” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes.  He moved me aside and started thumbing through my clothes. I got a good look at what we was wearing. He was in a button up dark blue dress shirt, plain jeans that tightened at his calves and he had bright red suspenders. His hair was a little messy,  signature Louis, ever since I officially met him or even talked to him on skype, he was always in suspenders. “well what about this hot little number?” I turned my attention to the dress in his hands. “oh yeah, I bought that to wear to prom, but I doubt I can even go now” he shoved the dress at me. “now the rest is up to you” he winked and then walked off. I sighed, the dress was adorable, it was a black sequin dress, strapless and ended about mid thigh. I walked out into my room and laid it out on a chair. I marched into the bathroom and took a quick shower, jumping out and quickly drying myself off, throwing on a pair of underwear and a nice strapless bra. i shrugged, and walked to my desk, pulling out my blow dryer and running it through my hair. It was bone dry and now it was time to straighten.

After my hair was done I grabbed my make up, adding foundation and mascara, some chapstick. Not really wanting pounds of make up on my face. I walked back out to my dress, after putting deodorant and some perfume on I slipped on the dress. Looking in the mirror I saw my legs stuck out the most. I pouted at my reflection. “you know.. not really in the mood to wear heels” grabbing a pair of a navy blue high tops and that was it for shoes. I left my phone and walked out and downstairs.  I heard the boys in the living room, just talking. My shoes scuffed against the hardwood hallway, “ready guys?” I asked as I peered around the corner. They looked at me and nodded. “the car should already be here” liam announced. I walked out to the front door, not really bothering to wait. I felt a hand grab my wrist. “tal I wanna give you something” “awwh zayn, you shouldn’t have… what is it?” I was practically jumping up and down. He placed a velvety box in my hands, I tilted my head to the side and opened it. A heart opal pendent laid there. I gasped. “zayn-“ “good thing it works with your outfit” he joked. I smiled up at my brother, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. “okay tal, I wanna party” he chuckled as he tore me from him. I pouted, I quickly clasped it on my neck and looked at it adoringly. “LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!” niall said as he ran by, jumping in the van, harry and Louis following in suit. Me and zayn looked at eachother. “ready to party hard Dj Malik?” I joked. He grabbed my arm and drug me to the van. Right as we’re getting in, niall and harry pop their heads into view, making silly faces “get in.. we have candy!” I crawled in and sat in the middle Louis on one side, zayn climbed in the front, harry and niall in the very back. hmm. I wonder who has to sit by me… its still awkward, cause even though we talked privately, in front of the boys he barely even spoke a word to me. as he climbed in, he slammed the door shut. I sighed as his leg lightly bumped into mine.

 i think Louis could tell it was a little awkward. He put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me to him, I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed. “you’re trying to make him jealous aren’t you?” he whispered into my ear. I snorted. “wasn’t even think of it” I replied honestly. “you should, and I know who with” I gave him a look. He whipped his phone out and started typing away. He smirked to himself. Oh god… a Tomlinson plan.. that’s never good. I leaned back on him, he began to whisper to me again. “I have a friend that can help you..”  “do tell” I whispered back. there was music blaring in the car, but still. “he’s our drummer, but trust me. he thinks it’s a little prank on liam.” “Louis I can’t I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” “uh.. you’re no fun” he pouted. “well forget he’s even here! Have fun” I smiled and messed his hair.

We soon arrived to the club and we piled out. Standing in line was awkward. I just want to drink,I just want to forget everything. I guess that couldn’t happen, flashes from cameras blinded me. I put my hand over my face, harry was the closet person to me, he stood in front of me, since he towered over me the light was blocked. I smiled at him and mouth a thank you. He smiled at me and nudged me forward. When we walked in, I immediately walked to the bar. I leaned against the counter “well someone’s eager” I turned to see harry standing right behind me. “what can I say? Go hard or go home” I smirked. “I like the way you think malik” he smiled one of those dimple smiles. “what can I get you love?” the bartender asked me. “a fireball and tequila slammer” he nodded and walked off, the club was packed, I felt everyone’s sweat in the air. “those just for you?” I nodded at the curly haired boy. “well I can tell that you’re going to be a party tonight” “you know what..” I looked right at the bartender “make that 2 of each!” I shouted. He nodded, I reached into my bra to grab my money, I heard a deep chuckle beside me. “what?” “I wouldn’t think that you would keep money there” I rolled my eyes. “here you go miss, and its on the house”

 he looked past me and at harry, he sent him a flirty wink. I stifled laughter and grabbed my shots. “that was awkward..” harry mumbled, I walked to where we could hear the music, I closed my eyes and quickled downed all the shots. It burned my nose and throat. “whoa!” I smirked, “hey tal we have to find the other boys” I pouted but agreed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me through, pushing past people but I was soon being grabbed from behind. I slammed back and there was a kid from my school. “hey sexy” he smiled, the alcohol reaked on him. He was a soccer player, and in no way attractive… just saying.. I pushed him aside and ran to catch up with harry. We spotted them and walked over, my head was already spinning.  “where did you guys go?” I giggled. He pointed his thumb at me. “your sister wanted to get a head start” zayn shook his head but smiled. “I wanna dance” I announced. “lets go” I was being dragged by Louis and out onto the dancefloor. Gangnam style was blasting through the speakers. I looked at lou as we did the dance. He put his hand up to stop me, I froze. “LET EM THROUGH!” he shouted. I laughed at his silliness. We continued dancing but a drunk harry made his way over. “taaaaaaaalllllll, I wanna dance with you”  he put a shot glass in my hand, “I like the way you think styles” I smirked, downing it. Oh god, this was way stronger. I shook my head. “well kids, im going to go get my own!” Louis grinned, making his way towards the bar. Setting the shot glass somewhere on the floor i turned to harry, he smiled easily at me and grabbed my hands, I swayed my hips, laughing at harry’s attempt to do the cat daddy drunk.

 He kept a hold on my hands, my head was swimming, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. he put our hands above his head. I looked at him, the beat of  forever by chris brown echoed. I felt our bodies press against eachothers, my mouth opened in surprise. I don’t know what it was.. whether it was the alcohol or maybe actual feelings, but I took my hands out of his and grabbed the collar of his button up, smashing our lips together. He responded almost instantly. His arms grabbing at my hips, pulling me closer, we continued kissing. I pulled away to actually breathe. He smiled at me lazily and pulled me back to the boys, but what I didn’t expect was liam, standing at the entrance of the dancefloor, where he could see everything. I stumbled and fell on the concrete floor, I bursted into giggles, completely losing myself. Well, this was the night to forget everything.



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