one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


15. dont talk crap.

**Tallise's POV**

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. i groaned at the sound of my alarm clock. time to get ready for school. i sighed and went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. the cold water not helping me wake up. going into my closet i threw on a pair of yoga pants and a simple baby blue v neck. i was so tired, i felt like i was a robot... or dead. i put some make up on, mainly cover up and mascara. i brushed through my hair, the natural waves glossy and shiny. i quickly brushed my teeth and sprayed some perfume on. grabbing my simple yellow jansport backpack and a pair of white converse. i slumped down the stairs. i dont want to go to school. 

"why are you awake so early?" i jumped a mile high in the air at the sound of liam's voice. putting my hand on my chest. "good god liam! i just bout pissed myself!" i exclaimed. all he did was laugh at me.. that jerk. he was still in his pajamas but he looked sad and like he ran his hands through his hair about a million times. "you ok?" i ask as i walk to the island in the kitchen. "urm. yeah, just tired." i didnt believe that for a second. "uh huh... suure. come on. you can trust me right?" i question. please say yes... i thought to myself. "of course." i smiled a little. "wanna talk about it before i leave?" i ask.

well. me and danielle arent doing so good. and- and. i think she's gonna break up with me..." he said quietly. it broke my heart to see him like this. i stood up from where i was sitting and wrapped my arms around his waist. he seemed a little surprised by my action but hugged me back. i ignored the thoughts running my head, i tried to surpress the blush that was threatening to glow on my cheeks. i gave him a tight squeeze and leaned out of his arms. i looked into his eyes. big mistake. i was lost in them. depths of brown swirling around. come on tallise, get it together, he is having girlfriend issues. i stepped out of his arms and gave him a reassuring smile. "everythings gonna be fine, just talk to her about it." he looked at the ground and scratched the back of his head. "you think thats gonna help?" he asked, worry clear in his tone. "it doesnt hurt to try does it?"

i looked at the time, "shit, i gotta go. but text me or something if you need help with anything else today" i said with an apolegtic smile. "ok.. thanks tal" he gave me a quick hug and pushed me towards my bag and out the door. "trying to get rid of me i see!" i said jokingly. "oh you know it!" he winked. i rolled my eyes and walked to my car, pulling out my keys and starting the engine.

getting to school in less than 10 minutes, i parked in my usual spot. noticing samantha waiting at the doors. shit. shifting the gear into park i shut the car off and climbed out. my backpack hanging on my shoulders, i took a deep breathe and tried to blend into the crowd of students entering th building. "where do you think your going mouse!!" i was whipped around by someone grabbing my shoulder. "why dont you tell everyone how your friends with one direction and zayn is your brother? hmm?" i didnt say anything i just narrowed my eyes at  her.  "what? you gotta speak up." there was a crowd forming around us. she took a step closer, her blue eyes burning into my face. "i knew it. your just a pathetic fangirl. i actually know and talk to the boys. i mean come on. i hooked up with zayn. oops i mean your brother." she smirked at me.  i was done with this. with the paparazzi and liam issues the last thing i needed was a bitch like samantha getting in my face.

i surprised everyone by opening my mouth and speaking for the first time in a while to someone at school. "you know what samantha. im so sick and tired of your bullshit and rumors. i know for a fact im not the only one. stay out of my business and keep your mouth shut. i know for a fucking fact you didnt hook up with zayn. so dont flatter yourself, zayn has better standards." i heard a chorus of "oooooo"s. samanthas smirk turned into the most hateful glare i've ever seen. with that i heard a smack ringing in my ears and pain on my cheek. i ignored it and turned my head to her, her smirk returns, i swiftly raise my hand and smack her right across the face, harder than she could hit me.

my hand stinging from impact. i heard a squeak escape her lips. "you did not just do that bitch!" she wailed at me, holding her cheek. "need a refresher?" i asked a smirk now playing on my lips. with that he attacked me, sending us both tumbling to the ground, neither one of us were going to stop. she tried pulling my hair, pathetic much!?!? i flipped us so i was now on top and had a good punch in the face to her. she was screamign and squeaking the whole time. i heard shouts and chants. i had her pinnned on the ground, making sure she couldnt get up. i look up and see the principle towering over us. we both froze, she had a black eye and a bloody nose, my temple was red and swollen and my eyebrow had a scratch and a little blood.

"you two. my office. NOW!" he bellowed. i shoved samantha good and hard as i stood up, my lip swollen from her slip, my teeth dug into my bottom lip. i marched into the office, both of us having to be seperated. sending death glares at eachother from across the room. "both of you. expelled. i do not tolerate fighting" "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!" i yelled. he pointed his finger at me as a warning. "this is dumb!" i yelled again. he narrowed his eyes at me as he dialed a number into his phone. glancing at the clock, wow. at school an hour and im already expelled. i heard him talking to someone on the phone. shit. what if he called my parents. "tallise, someone is coming to get you." i got up and walked to the outside of the building, waiting for hopefully zayn.

i sighed and closed my eyes as i sat on the concrete edge by the parking lot. i had my car... but we really pissed the priniciple off, so my baby was getting towed. a black van pulled up, i immediately recognised it. the sliding door opened and i was pullled in. "liam? niall?" "hello little miss badass! your lucky we answered the phone, we told zayn to stay home.. he was pretty pissed." niall explained.  i sighed and leaned my head against the seat. "what was the fight about??" liam asked in a fatherly tone as he drove. "can we talk about it later, i have a huge headache. once i take something i'll explain." i saw him nod in the rearveiw mirror. niall smiled at me but took one look at my face and gasped. "good god tal!" he rushed to my side and began to inspect. "what?- whats going on?" liam exclaimed. "she got hit pretty good" niall said as he lightly traced the bump on my temple.

i winced at the light impact. "sorry love" he whispered. as we pulled up to the house, more and more fans we're camping outside the gates. so glad the windows were tinted.  as liam shut off the engine i hesitantly got out. zayn was really that mad that he didnt come. i took a deep breathe as we walked up to the door. niall put a hand on my shoulder and gave me a reassuring smile. i tried to smile back but i was scared out of my wits. i slowly turned the knob and walked in. the house was silent, but then i heard it. a loud bang. "DAMMIT!" it was louis' voice. i sneakly looked around, trying to avoid a very angry zayn. "harry.. i dropped one of the snowblobes. help me cleane iiiiiiiiit" i rolled my eyes. wow louis.

"are they back yet?" i heard zayn ask in a very dark voice. i stopped walking. niall bumping into my back at my sudden stop. i was about to turn around and escape to my room until i felt someone restrain me by holding my arms down adn pulling to where zayns voice was coming from. "please liam. dont make me go in there" i whisperd to him.  his eye widened as he finally got a good look at the cuts on my face. i was pushed into the living room where zayn was sitting on an arm chair, the other boys joining us. i held my breathe, zayn took one look at me and sprinted to me. checking my face and trying to wipe away the dried up blood. his lips turned into a tight line. "why the fuck did you get in a fight tal.." i gulped. "i-er-" "tell me the truth." "it was samantha and-" "tal-" "LET ME FINISH!" i yelled. he kept his mouth shut as i continued. "she was calling me a liar about being your little sister and knowing you guys-" "really thats it.." "you would know if you didnt interupt" i shot at him.

"anyways. she started saying that you and her hooked up and stuff so i called her out on it, she slapped me, i slapped her, and then she tackled me, i punched her in the face and pinned her to the ground" the room was silent. "now im done" he didnt say anything. he just walked out. running his hands through his hair. i sighed and looked at the other boys. they expressions were shocked. "you- you got in a fight about us?" harry said quietly. i nodded "of course i would" louis was the first to run up and hug me, i smiled and returned it. i walked out of his hug and sat on the couch. liam walked over with a first aid kit. he sat next to me and leaned in close to my face, i rolled my eyes at him "dont roll your eyes at me" he said playfully. "your such a daddy liam" i said with a smile. "i only do this for people i actually like and care for love, so your one of the special ones" he said with a wink. i felt myself blush. NO TAL! NO BLUSHING! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!. he began to wipe away the blood and cleaned me up. my face now sore and stinging. cool..

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