one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


16. distraction!

**Tallise's POV**

 me and the four boys were sitting in the living room, them mainly trying to figure out if they were in a movie who they would want to play them, louis wanting ryan renolds cause he's a sexy beast, niall wanting to play himself, harry was still confused on what we were talking about and liam thought we were being weird. "well i would want Jessica Alba to play me" i said with a smile. they boy looked at me, trying to picture it. "i can see it-" i turned to liam as he spoke "you both are beauitful, i mean uhm." his face turned a bright pink. i felt myself blush. i looked up at lou who had a smug look on his face eyeing liam. i had to get up, my face hurt so bad. i stood up and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. only the bump on my temple was visible and the cut was just a little gash. i shrugged it off and took a painkiller, dry swallowing it and walking back into the living room, stopping when i realized zayn hadnt come out of his room since we talked. i walked up the stairs and stopped in front of his bedroom door. taking a deep breathe i knocked. "come in" i opened it and zayn was sitting on teh edge of his bed and he met my eyes as i walked in. "im sorry zayn. i just didnt want whats been happening to me to happen to you" i said quietly. i looked at the ground, my hand holding onto my other elbow, trying to fight teh awkward silence. i heard zayn take a breathe and the creak of his bed frame. i was pulled into his arms. he kissed my forehead "they can hurt me all they want. but when you get involved... thats when it gets too personal." i hugged him back, squeezing him hard which caused him to chuckle at me. "please. no fights. i dont want to see you like this ever." i nodded into his chest. "i have to go do something real fast, i'll be back in maybe... an hour or two." i stepped out of his arms and nodded. "ok, can you get some ice cream?" i asked sweetly. he rolled his eyes at me. i pouted. "fine then... jerk." "TAL!!!" i jumped as liam came running over. "you need to see this.." he grabbed my wrist and drug me downstairs. i was on the tv screen, beating samantha's face and had her pinned to the ground, the headline, zayns little sister crazy? killer ways? i gasped. i heard the front door close in teh distance. "damn tal. you hit her good" i heard harry chuckle on the side. my mouth was on the floor, who the hell would video tape this. i grabbed the remote and turned it off, comepletely ignoring it and walking into the kitchen and pouring myself a glass of sweet tea.  the painkillers kicked as my head started to swim, finally. "i need to practice boys" i said from teh kitchen, "we need to practice your songs anyways tal" i heard liam speak, i nodded as i lead us to the music room, we had a piano in there and mine and zayns guitars.i quickly looked up the keys to 6 months and worldwide. printing them adn placing them on the piano. "you ready love?" liam asked nicely. ignoring the blush creeping on my face i nodded. "wanna start with worldwide?" "sure!" "but can we change 6 months to covergirl?" i asked nicely. "i actually played that before so yeah" he smiled at me.

singing teh last note of the song, i couldnt help the smile that was on my face. liam's fingers left teh keys as he slowly turned to me. "that was amazing tal" i looked at the ground. "so uhm, how long have you played piano?" i asked trying to change the subject. "since i was little, do you know how?" "uhm, does mary have a little lamb count?" he chuckled and patted the spot beside him. i sat down and watched as he placed his fingers on the keys and started to play a classical piece, i was in complete awe. he looked so focused, hi stuck his tongue out in concentration. when he finished, he looked up at me, our faces meer inches apart.he started to lean in, feeling myself do the same. but i realized "liam.. danielle.." i said quietly. "we're not together.." he replied quietly, never taking his eyes off mine. i bit my bottom lip, what do i do? do i kiss him... my question was answered as someone barged into the room. "FOOD!" and then teh door closed again. we jumped apart. niall. damn him..

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