one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


12. breaking down.

**Tallise's POV**

the car ride back was boring, everyone was off in their own little world. i freezing my ass off, sitting in the middle, i was between harry and louis. i pulled my legs up on the seat and hugged my knees. "AWH! IS TALLY COLD?!" louis shouted. "CUDDLE TIIIIME!" i was about to protest but i was soon in larry stylinson sandwich. "NOOO! GUYS GET OFF!!!" i whined. they didnt budge, i gave in and leaned my head on louis' and closed my eyes. i didnt realize how tired i was until i closed my eyes. an instant feeling of drowsiness washed over me. i soon started to drift asleep, i was being shaken. seriously. its only been like 5 seconds. "its time to get out tally." i recognised as louis. "tally. i really have to peeeeee!" i lifted my head off of him but soon let it fall on the headrest.

keeping my eyes closed, i was not ready to get up. "dude. im not gettting her. im too tired." "what if we slap her?" wow. im half asleep and i can already tell that was harry. i lifted up my hand and flipped them off in the direction of their voices. "not nice!" harry exclaimed. "dude. you wanted to slap her.." a irish accent said. i heard a huff and soon the sound of someone getting in the van. "im gonna carry you to bed, so go back to sleep" "such a daddy liam.." i heard someone mumble. i felt myself being lifted up. i groaned. "nooo. let me sleep." "tallise, your dumb. go back to sleep." leaning my head on his chest i took a deep breathe, slowly falling asleep again. my mind closing off all sounds around me. last thing i remember is the softness of my bed hitting my back and blankets being pulled over my body.

in the morning, my eyes didnt want to open. that honestly had to have been the best night of sleep i have gotten in awhile. peeling my eyes open, the sun was bright and filling my room. rubbing my eyes i notice im still in yesterdays clothes. my bed sheets smelt like pond water. making a face i stood up and changed into a pair of sweats and my linkin park shirt. throwing my hair in a ponytail i stripped the sheets off my bed. walking down the stairs and into the laundry room. throwing everything in the washer i turned and rubbed my face. i. feel. like. crap. im not making breakfast. i shuffled into the living seeing that niall and liam were awake. "and she finally awake?" i turned to niall and rolled my eyes. they sat there playing on their phones, i grabbed the remote and jumped on teh couch. switching it on and instantly seeing my face.

"directioners, be honest do you like this new girl tallise? she went after liam and according to our source liam and danielle broke up. but now tallise is going after another member of the band. member niall horan. here are some pictures captured of them-" there were pictures of us last night at the park. my eyes widened. i saw right when my name was mentioned both of the boys' heads snaped up. im being made out to be a slut. great. now everyone is going to hate me. why cant i go back to being a nobody. "we found her twitter! her facebook! and other social sources. but right now we want to know what you think of her? message us and tell us!" the tv was turned off, only a blank black screen. no one said anything. feeling myself slowly go into an awkward sad feeling. i stood up and walked out the front door. desperatly needing air.

stepping outside i was facing a group of screaming girls. shit. totally forgot about them. most of the things coming out of their mouths were hateful. i heard one specific one. "YOUR SUCH A SLUT! YOU DONT DESERVE THE BOYS! HOW ZAYN CAN STAND BEING WITH YOU IN PUBLIC IS WIERD! GOOD THING YOUR MOM DIED! SHE PROBABLY KILLED HERSELF KNOWING WHAT KIND OF DAUGHTER YOU ARE!" i couldnt breathe. i felt myself choking on the air that was trying to go into my lungs. how did they know about my mom.. feeling my eyes stinging and my lip trembling. drowning out all sounds. but hearing a ear ripping scream tore me away from my consentration. i felt someone pulling me inside. looking up and seeing zayn. he had a serious look on his face. he pulled me inside, right when he closed the door and turned to me, i threw myself in his arms. he pulled me into him. he rubbed my back. "tal.. just breathe."

i couldnt. i didnt know if my brain could register the thought of oxygen. feeling my eyes hurting and a tear falling down my face. i whispered into zayns shirt "zayn.. can. we. please. go. somewhere. else. i dont want them to see me cry." i made it loud enough for only him to hear. he pulled me upstairs, somehow i was still hiding my face in his shoulder. he walked us into my room, closing the door. he rubbed soothing circles into my back, i cried. cried for everything. crying for me being dumb about liam, for the people hating me, for lying to zayn but mostly for my mom. in just a short time of 2 days, it will be her birthday.

when i started to regulate my breathe i pulled away from zayn. wiping my eyes and sniffling were the only sounds i was making. "tal. whats been going on?" biting my lip i started to question. should i tell him? sighing, i opened my mouth slowly. "my mom got in contact with me-" "THATS GREAT!" he said with a huge smile "-she drank a lot... and-and." my eyes stung more and more. images of it flooding my thoughts. "-she died..right in front of me" i let out a small sob, but i held the others back. looking at zayn, his face fell, he looked suprised and hurt.

i sucked on my bottom lip trying to occupy my mind. he pulled me into another hug. "just breathe" "zayn what do i do?! i look like a whore to everyone else in the world, i look like a homewrecker and a homiehopper! and they somehow found out about my mom dying" i was getting even more sad and angry. "i dont know what to do zayn..." he kissed my forehead. he opened his mouth and said the most simple words ever "fuck what people think."

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