one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


4. after party

**Tallise's POV**

i was kicking my feet in the water, the coldness of the water sent chills up my arms. i took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time. 10:37. i locked it and set it on the deck. i heard the creak of the wooden dock, i turned around to see zayn right behind me about to push me in the water. "zayn-" i was cut off by salty cold wated going up my nose. i swam up and wiped the hair that was stiking to my face out of my eyes. liam came up, the scene in front of him, a girl in the water with make up running down her face and glaring at a boy who is rolling on the dock laughing. liam raised an eyebrow at me and coughed to cover a laugh.

he leaned crouched down at the end of the dock and looked at me. "you.- you want- want help" he tried saying without laughing. i playfully glared at him. zayn finally stopped laughing ."Tal, you should have seen your face.." "you guys are horrible... now help me up." they both reached their hands out. i got a good grip on the and smirked at them both.  i pulled down and i heard to protests then splashes. liam was the first to surface. he playfully glared at me. "the hell?!" my smirk grew even bigger. "thats why you dont laugh at the birthday girl" zayn surfaced and splashed me. "YOU JERK!" "HEY YOU STARTED IT!!" i laughed and continued the splash fight. liam joined in with us and he finally gave in "TAL FINE FINE TRUCE"

i looked up at the dock and the other three boys were looking down at us. louis looked at me and shook his head "not even gonna ask.." i smiled at harry "can you help me up?" he nodded and pulled me out of the water . "the hell?! we try and help you out but you pulls us in and not  him?" i smiled at liam. "well they're nice and don't laugh at me when i get pushed in the water." i hugged myself, trying to keep warm. the breeze was just making it worse. i grabbed my phone and sandals and ran to the fire. i grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my soaked body. my shirt clung to my body. zayn had a scowl on his face, i couldnt help but smile. "awh zaynie gonna pout now" i said pushing out my bottom lip. he didnt say anything, just shook his head trying to hide the smile that was on his face. he was gone for almost a year, and things are still the same. still brother and sister bickering.

i put my back to the fire. my hair tried same with my shirt, my shorts were only a little damp. harry came up to me and with a smile on his lips "so tallise-" "you can call me tal" i said with a smile. "so tal, zayn told us about a club we could go to, would you be up for it??" "im still not legal to drink" i replied with a small laugh. "well neither am i but i still go" he said with a wink. "wait how old are you??" i said tilting my head to the side. "im 17" my eyes widened a little. he doesnt seem like hes 17 more like.. 19? yeah...

i was taken out of thought when i heard "HARRAAH! WHAT ARE YOU DOINT!?!?" i turned to see harry on louis' back with his hands covering louis' eyes. i take that back.. harry acts likes hes 16.. or 15.. "yeah their like kids" i jumped at liams voice and put my hand on my heart. i turned to him and crossed my arms over my chest "so you talking to me?" "who said i wasnt?" he said taking a step closer. i took a step back "well, i'd think you would still be mad about my totally owning you and pulling you in the water" he rolled his eyes at me and ruffled my hair. i swatted his hand away. he chuckled at me and walked to try and pull harry off louis back. i chuckled to myself. zayn walked up and rested his arm on my shoulder. "you like them?" i didnt look at him just continued to watch the scene in front me "they're... interesting" i said with a smile.

"well, your gonna be seeing a lot of them" i turned and looked at him. "well, i made sure that we could come and surprise you for your birthday, none of the boys live around here sooooo. they're staying with us" "oh god.." i said with a laugh. "BOYS!-" they all looked at me. "if, we're goign clubbing, i need to change" all their faces lit up. niall was fist bumping. "YEAH YEAH! GONNA GET MY DRINK ON!" his accent was different from the rest, it sounded irish. i looked around, just noticing that everything was cleaned up. "well boys, i'll meet you at the house." "WAIT!!!" i turned to see harry jogging up. "do you have you own car?" i nodded. "can i ride with you? im all sandy, and i really REALLY need a shower." "lets get the rest of the boys too," i said with a wide smile. harry bounded back to get them.

i went to stand by my car. checking my phone, it was 10:58. "SHOT GUN!" i looked up to see Niall running to the passenger door. my car was a 2013 honda accord. i saved up all the money i could, my parents helped me too and this car was my baby. i loved it with all my heart. it had subs, good radio and it was just amazing. the interior was gray and a navy blue while the exterior was silver. zayn's mouth dropped when he saw it. "damn, tal!" i smirke and climbed in.all the boys got in except louis. "i turned around and looked at him, "louis, you getting in?" "theres no room... CAN I RIDE IN THE TRUNK?!" "louis i have subs in there, so it might be loud when i play music" "i deal with hormonal girls screaming bloody murder, im sure i can handle this"

i hit a button that opens the trunk and climbed out so i could close it. louis had the hugest grin on his face. he gave a thumbs up and i closed the trunk. i laughed at him. oh he was in for one hell of a ride. i got back in and plugged my phone into the radio and turned on party rock anthem full blast. i put the car in reverse and started driving home. i heard thumping in the trunk and laughed. i turned on sexy and i know it and you could somewhat hear louis screaming. the boys in the back were having laughing fits. when i pulled up to the house we all walked to the trunk, i unlocked it and louis bursted out. sending me a little glare. i put my hands up in defense. "you said you could handle it" he huffed but after a bit he finally spoke up "thats some serious bass" i smiled "why thank you!"

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