one famous brother, one confusing love life. one direction

your brother is famous? your getting serious with someone famous? they're best friends? they're in the same band? and the paparazzi are all up in your business. thats everything that Tallise Malik is thinking. what is she going to do? which one of the boys could she be going for??


2. <3

**Tallise's POV**

i was sitting at home, cleaning the whole entire house spotless. why? i have no clue. my mother wont tell me. she said we were having people over. more than likely one of dad's co-workers. great. i was washing the dishes. i finally rinsed the last one and put it in the strainer. i dried my hands and made my way upstairs. i slipped on a pair of running shorts and a one direction tank top. i missed zayn so much. he promised he would call me on my 17th birthday. well here i am... no skype call, text message or call.. nothing.. my mom was planning a party for me tomorrow.i went and checked my phone.. and still nothing. i sighed and walked out into the living room.safaa was clicking through channels, i came and sat beside her not really talking.

"tallise? what are you doing in that? we have guests coming!? go change!" i groaned as i got up and ran up to my room. i kept my tank top on and changed into a pair of light blue capris. i walked back downstairs. "there that better?"  mom looked at it and shrugged. "i guess."  i didnt really have friends, because people would use me to get closer to zayn. i could really trust a whole lot of people. so i kept to myself. im not saying i was some girl that hated the world, cause i dont. i just like to keep to myself. i heard the door bell go, i walked over to the door and answered. it was a man in his late 40's and a woman in her early 20's. really.. ew. i opened the door more for them, inviting them in.



finally the man and his gold digger left. it was around 11:30 and i was making my way upstairs. i went into my room and belly flopped onto my bed. my face in the sheets. i heard my phone going off. i jumped up and answered. "hello?" "TALLY!!" "ZAYNIE!" "i thought we agreed no more zaynie.." i could see him pouting. "i thought we agreed no more tally?" i fired back. "touche'" i smiled "so whats up?" "weeeeeell. i promised my favorite sister a happy birthday call! sooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" i pulled the phone away from my ear. "thanks zayn" i heard other voices at the other end of the line. i've talked to the boys on the phone and i heard their music and seen pictures but i've never met them. "whose that?" "oh its just niall." "hewoooooo" "why is he mumbling?" i said laughing, "he's eating...." i laughed more. "shit.. tal, i have to go. i uhm. i have to practice with the boys..." "poo.. ok. love ya ZAYNIE!" "HEY-" before he could say anything i hung up with a smirk on my face. i slipped on my barbie pj shorts and changed into a plain white v neck. i turned off my light and crawled into bed.

i woke up at 9. i could have slept longer but my mother was shaking me. "tallise, get up! we have to go to the beach and set up." i dont see why im having a party. she just invited everyone in my grade... i dont talk to them. i crawled out of bed and jumped in the shower. i scrubbed my head and shaved my legs. just wanted to make sure they were soft!! i grabbed underwear and stuff. i walked into my closet and pulled on a pair of dark washed jean shorts and a american flag crop top. i walked back into the bathroom and since i didnt want to do a whole lot with my hair ran some mouse through my dark brown hair. i rimmed my golden brown eyes with mascara and shimmery gold eyeshadow. that'll do. i had a pair of silver gladiator sandles and slipped those on. i brushed my teeth and put a little bit of cover up on.

grabbed my phone off the charger and walked down the stairs."mom i'll meet you there. im gonna stop somewhere real fast" i grabbed my car keys and went to my car. so much has happened since zayn left. some good. some bad. i found my mother. she was an alcoholic. the reason i said was.. is because when i went to meet her, she was drunk. i tried getting her to get in my car and i would take her home. she walked right into the street and was hit by a truck. she smacked her head on the concrete.. she died almost instantly. i was there for the whole thing. i drove up to the cemetary. walked up to her grave. i sat down next to it. "hey.. mom? i think thats what i call you... well. your baby girl is 17.. wierd isnt it?. i miss you guys." even when they still had me.. they were always gone. i never want to figure out what they were doing.

i sat there. just talking for 15 minutes. i blew a kiss at her tombstone and stood up. whiping off any dirt that was on me and walked back to my car. i turned on the radio, and what makes you beautiful came on. i smiled to myself. singing along with it. when i pulled up to the beach, there were speakers set up and the dj organizing all his equipment. tables had blue and purple flower petals scattered on the and there were tiki torches for when it got dark.

it was now 1:30. was i at the cemetary longer than i thought??.  the party didnt start till 5.  so were just spent the whole time setting up. just try and have a good time i told myself.

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