That Summer.

Taylor and Sarah both love One Direction. They attend their first meet and greet and after , the boys request to see them again. What will happen after? Better yet , what will happen this summer?


1. Schools Out!

It was the last day of school , and of course the day seemed to drag on for ever and ever. My sister Taylor and I sat in 6th period talking about One Direction. Yes , the boy band every girl seems to talk about. Tomorrow we were going to the meet and greet here in Orlando. "I want them to notice me , you know? Without having to dress up as a big carrot though.." Taylor said. " Okay , well you plan that out while I come up with how to steal Harry's heart in the 2 minutes I get to spend with him while he signs my CD." Taylor's favorite band member was Louis which was funny because she was just like him .. funny , energetic and all around fun to be around. I , on the other hand , loved Harry Styles , the boy with the Cheevky attitude and famous gorgeous curls. After the bell rang , Taylor and I walked home and up to my bedroom . "So , what are you thinking of doing for your 17th birthday this June?" Taylor asked "You know what , I haven't thought much about it actually.." We then spent the whole night watching old videos of One Direction on the X Factor and planning out what we would say to the boys tomorrow.
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