All Because Of A Job

When cat moves to London for her dads job she runs into Harry Styles at the airport and it's love at first sight:)!


3. The Date

Chapter Two  Harry's POV I was looking down at my phone when all the sudden I ran into someone kinda pissed I looked down that quickly went away when I saw the prettiest girl I have ever layed eyes on I helped her we talked and I could tell she was nervous and that she knew who I was but she didnt scream! I was so amazed how she could handle her self this was the girl I was looking for and I was determined to get her we swapped numbers and agreed to see each other!
Cats POV As I walked out of the airport it quickly hit I JUST GOT A FREAKING DATE WITH HARRY FREAKING STYLES I was so happy and scared at the same time I didn't have anything to wear I headed stait home and quickly looked through my clothes and found a causal outfit Then all the sudden my phone went off  It was from Harry Harry: He babe meet me at Nandos @ 7 I want you to meet the boys;)!! Xxxx Harry. Omg I was freaking out finally get to meet my favorite music group ever and Harry styles was flirting with me I FREAKING LOVE LONDON  I quickly text back Cat:Okay:) See you at Nialldos;) He texted back lol and then I went and got dressed it was 6:45 and I was about to leave for Nandos 
Harry's POV She said yes and knowing she lived One Direction I also invited the Boy I hope they don't freak her out on the first...erm Date yea date (saying while smiling) I can't wait:)!
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