All Because Of A Job

When cat moves to London for her dads job she runs into Harry Styles at the airport and it's love at first sight:)!


4. Meeting The Boys

Cats POV I got in my car at 6:45 to make sure I got there on time I arrived at Nandos at 7 on the dot the boys were already there and sitting at a table towards the back my heart dropped and I so wanted to fan girl but I knew I shouldn't I walked in when Harry ran to me and huged me and kissed my cheek I was in shock when he whispered in my ear "Ello Love" thats the words I've been waiting for for 3 years but I didnt really expect it to be that amazing I quickly shocked back to reality with him still staring at  me I said hello Harry with a cheeky smile trying to hide the blushing the grinned and asked if I wanted to meet the boys I cut him off and said yes he chuckled and grabed my hand 
Harry's POV When she walked in I was blown away with her beauty and I ran to get cause I missed her even though I bearly know her but I could tell she was nervous so I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear I could feel he cheeks grow warm against mine that made me admire when I asked if she wanted to meet the boys already knowing the answer she cut me off before I could say the s on boys I laughted and lead he to them she was shakeing a little so I graded he waste and said calm down babe softly in her ear again feeling her cheeks grow warm. We reached the table and she lite up like a lightening bulb all the boys introduced thereselves and we all sat down to order
Louis POV We were all talking when Harrys face lite up he quickly got up and  ran to a girl at the door she was a very pretty girl he hugged her and led her nervous self towards our table I could tell she was a fan but held he composer I loved that when she came up she was so nervous and all the boys saw i jumped up and introduced my self and so did the other boys we sat down and quickly got on really all of us she was telling jokes making everyone laugh and we all exchanged looks knowing she would fit in well!
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