All Because Of A Job

When cat moves to London for her dads job she runs into Harry Styles at the airport and it's love at first sight:)!


5. Harry's Move;)!

Cats POV  When I sat down all the nervousness went away and I realized that they are just normal guys we ate and then started telling jokes they all exchanged approving looks and Louis blurted out you will fit in great around hear with a smile I looked at Harry who was smiling at me and I looked away but I still felt his state that made me blush witch Niall quickly pointed out while poking my left cheek I coved my face and in unison they all said don't do that! I looked up and smiling a confused smile not know what I did Harry quickly spoke up saying you to beautiful to cover your face that made me blush more I had to go to the the bathroom do I excused myself!
Harry's POV When Niall pointed out she was blushing I shot him a glare then she covered her face we all sang out for her not to do that a d told her why which made her blush more then she excused herself to the toilet all the then Liam spoke up  Liam: Go for this girl Harry if you don't you are the dumbest person I know she is all you hav been looking for and you know it Which I did I just smiled at then all nodding there heads agreeing with Liam  I told them I really liked her and that I was planning on kissing her tonight when I take her home Niall said ew la la  Louis made a kissy face  And of course Liam quickly agreed and I knew what I has to do!
Cats POV When I was coming back from the bathroom I heard Harry talking about his plan to kiss me tonight I screamed in my head and had to clam myself down before I walked back I causal walked and sat down with a smile saying what you boys talk about while I was gone The all sang out together nothing I gave them an unbelieving smile and nodded the dinner was over and we paid I was letting then use my car for tomorrow Harry drove me home and when we got to my house he quickly got out and opened the door for me I smiled when we got to my house I said goodbye when I was walking for the door he reached out grabed my hand looked into my eyes and then crashed his lips into mine fireworks butterflys and everything was going off in my stomach we pulled apart and Harry hugged me and said goodnight love! And walked away I walking and by time I got to my room I had a new text it was from Harry say I miss you all ready I smiled and typed miss you to I said goodnight and went to sleep!
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