All Because Of A Job

When cat moves to London for her dads job she runs into Harry Styles at the airport and it's love at first sight:)!


6. Cats BIG Move!

Harry's POV When I walked her up to the door and built up the courage to kiss her I grabbed her hand pulled her closer and kissed her  She must have wanted me to cause she kissed back that made me so happy we parted ways and she walked in I quickly texted her I missed her already and she wrote back she missed me then said goodnight! I got back in the car and drove to the hotel I walked in and Loyis smiled knowing what happened as I was walking in I heard Louis call out "It must have went good! Nite Mate" I hollered ga nite back and fell to my bed and quickly slipped into sleep with a smile on my face!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 MONTH LATER   It's been about a few month me and Cat have been on a lots of dates but haven't made it "Offical" and that was going to be done tonight at diner when we go back to her house I am going to ask her to be my girlfriend! I ran it by Lou who has been telling me to since day one and tonight is also her birthday her 18 birthday witch means she is moving out of her flat and into mine and Louis! We had an extra bedroom and told he she could have it ~few hours later I was walking her up to her door kissed her and whispered into her and asked he to be my girlfriend she blushed and quickly said of course!    Cats POV He asked me out YES! I had been waiting on this forever he walked me up to my room and helped me up to my packed room to get my suitcase to take to his house when we were on our way the flat and me and Harry hand in hand he had my bag in his other being a gentlemen we got in and dropped my bags in my room snuggling on the couch  The next thing I know I wake up on his chest and him staring at me......
Harry's POV When I woke up I heard a light snore I chuckled! Knowing it was Cat it warmed my heart that she was Laying on my chest asleep and I couldn't stop staring at her!
Cats POV  I woke up on Harry's chest and I could feel him staring at me I blushed instantly I looked up and sure enough he was looking at me and when he realized I was up he got up kissed me on my head and asked what I want for breakfast I smiled and said pancakes thinking to myself and wondered why  Harry Styles wanted me of all me people!?
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