when he stares at me....

It`s about a girl name Starr. It`s her first day at a new school and city. Starr falls in love with the boy of her dreams! His name is Trey. A lot of crazy things happen and some drama a long the way!


4. What is everybody going to think

        We were frozen i could move. He didnt say anything. I was wondering why he didnt say anything like u want to go out. I was thinking to myself maybe because he dosen`t want to mess up our friendship or something. So I start to move but I could`nt then I when to lunch. Trey was just standing there. I turn my head to see if he was still there he wasnt. then I turned around he was right in front of me. Smiling at me! Then I started to smile to! Trey start to say something. 

Trey " starr... u...Want..to..go......out...with..me!

Starr"Yes" I shouted "Yes"

Trey "Lets go Starr" 

               I walked holding trey hand smiling. I was wondering what everybody was going to think about us dating. But I did`nt I just was thinking about i have the best, hot, boyfriend ever! So we got down to the cafeteria holding each other hands.


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