when he stares at me....

It`s about a girl name Starr. It`s her first day at a new school and city. Starr falls in love with the boy of her dreams! His name is Trey. A lot of crazy things happen and some drama a long the way!


5. She ok with us

            First person we came up to was my best friend Ashlynn. I was wondering what she was going to think. Me Starr and Trey one of the most popular kid in school. Maybe even the cutest couple ever. Ashlynn started to speak. I was scared and anxious all the same time.

Ashlynn " Are you guys dating?"

Starr " Yes me and trey are dating" I couldnt tell if she was happy for me or not.

Ashlynn " Aww!!!! I am so happy for you guys!"

Trey "thanks!"

Starr " thanks that means a lot to me Ashlynn!

Ashlynn " you guys are the cutest couple ever"

Starr "Aww! Thanks boo!"   

Trey " Well i will get our lunch"

Starr "Ok" " I am scared that everyone is going to think bad of me and stuff 

Ashlynn " Well i will be here for you!"

Starr " thanks at least i can count on you!"

         Next thing I knew trey was coming with our food. Me " thanks babe" Trey " Welcome Starr when I was in there people were just were like who was that for I was like for Starr." Me "What were they like when you said that?" Trey " They were like good for guys!" Me "Aww that good!''

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