when he stares at me....

It`s about a girl name Starr. It`s her first day at a new school and city. Starr falls in love with the boy of her dreams! His name is Trey. A lot of crazy things happen and some drama a long the way!


2. I think I like him

         I havent stop thinking about trey! His beautiful smile, his muscles, and most of all his voice when he talks to me...I could`nt stop! Yea..I wonder if he feels the same about me? He treats me like am his girlfriend cause he sits with me at lunch, he talks to me about stuff you would`nt talk about with a just a regular friend.

        Yay! The weekend is finally over! So i get to see him the one i love. The one i want to spend the rest of my life with. 

         Yes finally at school. I get to my locker i did`nt see him anywhere where can he be? 25 mins into my english he came! I had a big smile on my face. Right after class i got in line for math he got right behind me he started to talk to his friends about who they should date. They said something names like Kelly, Sydney, Kelesy,and me Starr. I was shocked and surprise that they said my name. i don`t think they notice i was right in front of them but i think trey. Cause i turn my head and he looked straight at me. 

           Later that day i made a new friend. My first friend i could really tell anything to cause i was new there. Her name was Ashlynn. 

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