when he stares at me....

It`s about a girl name Starr. It`s her first day at a new school and city. Starr falls in love with the boy of her dreams! His name is Trey. A lot of crazy things happen and some drama a long the way!


6. First for everything

               Time for electives Me and my boyfriend walk together holding each others hands. I just could stop smiling! I actually have a boyfriend of my dreams. I am in love. We were  almost there. We got to pe and we have to go throw different doors so we got to the girls side. We stop I didnt know why but I went with it. He pull me close. Then stared into my eyes. Then he leaned into kiss me. I lean  to kiss him to. For at least 2 mins we kissed. Then we had to go to pe but i didnt want to stop kissing him. So i went into the locker room smiling like an weirdo. But i didnt care what they think. All the girls I did`nt even know came up to me, But I was pretty sure they knew trey. They were all like oh my god did you guys just make out. I was like yea we did! Some other girls were just give me a dirty look. So I couldnt wait to see ashlynn to tell her that me and trey kiss. I finally got done getting dress. So i got out of the locker room. I was looking for ashlynn. After looking for a couple mins. I finally found her. 

Me '' Omg! Ashlynn! Guess what!!'

Ashlynn" What"

Me'' Me and trey kissed!!"

Ashlynn" OH MY GOD!"

Me"i know it was the best!"


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