Forbidden Love

When 19 year old Chloe gets home from a vacation in The Bahamas her life turns upside down when Harry Styles 1/5 of the British/Irish boy band, One Direction shows up in town.


1. Home Finay

Chloe POV-
I feel and look like crap. My hair is a tangly mess, I have no makeup on, and I am so tired I fell asleep on a 72 year old man sitting beside me. As me and my best friend Amanda made our way to the luggage claim I got a text from my boyfriend, Blake.
Hey babe. You're with Amanda right? xx
The past few months he has been so protective. I wasn't aloud to hang out with my friend Aaron or go anywhere without him knowing who I was with. I ignored my text, grabbed my luggage and started on the hour journey from the airport to my home. I thought about me and Blake. I remember how on the trip I didn't go an hour without him wanting to know where I was. Amanda even got annoyed with him. As I got home I unlocked the door, went to my room and feel asleep instantly.
I dragged myself out of my bed and looked in the mirror. I looked at my greasy hair and came to the obvious conclusion I needed a shower. As I stripped down I got a text from Amanda.
Meet me at Starbucks in one hour xx
When I got out of the shower I blow dried my blonde hair and put it up in a messy bun. I put on a floral tank top, a pair of skinny jeans, and my pink toms. I looked down admiring my outfit. My eyes shifted back up to the mirror and I realized quickly I needed makeup. I put on eyeliner, mascara, and a tad of sparkly lip gloss. I grabbed my purse, phone and headed out on my way to Starbucks. As I got closer to Starbucks more cars were there and I was in a major traffic jam. I final arrived and saw paparazzi everywhere. As I made my way through the swarm of people I saw Amanda and then my eyes fluttered left. Standing there was Harry Styles.
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