Forbidden Love

When 19 year old Chloe gets home from a vacation in The Bahamas her life turns upside down when Harry Styles 1/5 of the British/Irish boy band, One Direction shows up in town.


2. Don't fangirl

I about had a major heart attack. I mean come it was Harry Styles. I knew how much they hated it when girls practically had a meltdown right in front of them so I casually walked over to Amanda. I could tell he was staring at my bum and it was a little ackward. I final realized i was just standing there and started a conversation with Amanda. "Hey" "Hey so I need to tell you something and it may be hard to hear" I braced myself. Amanda usually didn't make a big deal out of things so I will admit I was a little scared. "okay" i tried to act calm but I was nervous. She hated saying bad news. "here check your phone" I pulled out my phone and saw a picture of Blake and some girl kissing. I wasn't mad yet somehow I cried. And cried. I guess I wasn't good enough. I finally stopped crying and Amanda left. I just sat there. I guess I wasn't good enough. I was worthless. I started to feel tears in my eyes. I felt two strong arms rap around me. I spun around to see Harry styles. "I'm sorry love It was hard to see such a pretty girl like yourself cry"
That made me cry more. Then I came to the realization that it was Harry styles. Harry styles, the player. "here let me take you to my place and we can get you some tea or water". I have to admit I wanted to fan girl but I didn't know him. Yet he seemed so polite. But he was a player. I was not going to be a one night stand. Nope. I said yes and have him my number. I told him I'd take my car. He have me his address and I headed to his house. I turned on the radio and "Stole My Heart" came on. I turned it off. I was nervous. I arrived at his house. Wait mansion. I walked up to the door and knocked. He opened the door. He was in boxers and that's it. I was staring at his toned abs. My eyes drifted down. Stop it Chloe. You dont know him. He could tell I was staring and a smirk appeared on his face. "sorry if this bothers you love but I don't usually where much when I'm at home". "i-it's a-al-alright" I muttered. He led me to his living room and we plopped in a movie. As he went to go get popcorn and tea I looked about the room there was just one one man sofa. I wasn't sitting on his lap. Nuh-uh. I grabbed a pillow and layed down on the ground. When he walked in he looked disappointed as if he was looking forward to me sitting on his lap. He didn't say anything just sat on the couch and stared at me. When the movie marathon was over it was 1am. "I better head home" I said standing up from the floor. "wait stay here tonight" he said. I barely knew him?!? I wasn't going to "give it up". I shook my head and walked to the door. He said bye and sulked to his room. Did he think this was a date? I thought we were just hanging out. Uggh my head kept thinking of his perfect green eyes. I called his name. "how many beds do you have". I asked "one" he replied knowing that my answer wouldn't change. Yet there was something about him. I nodded my head and we walked to his room. I need to stop giving in to this boy so damn easy.
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