As Long As You Love Me

Hello. My name is Iris. Im 17 and single.. of course. Im ugly, fat, and have no life. My mom is dead, and dad well hes nice if i do things his way! A lot people say I look like Cher Lloyd. I live in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I know I know OMG HARRY STYLES LIVES THERE! Im his neighbor and best friend, he has a crush on me though. I kinda do to.


1. Nandos <3


                  I was walking to my FAVORITE place. Nandos. " How ya doing Iris? I havent seen you in forever!" that was Ellie she knows me to well for me to lie to her. " Good! You know school, home work."" Well thats good. So, let me guess. The usual?" I nodded my head. Then  saw my favorite band. One Direction, there for my best friends. I walked up behind Harry so he didnt see me, then whispered in his ear " Hello curly, u taste funny!" I couldnt help but laugh. He turned smirked " You creeper!" "Not really." I chuckled and sat next to him. You could say we are like "Sister & Brother" But I dont know if my feelings could hold that for so long. " Fine! Pretty Creeper!" " Styles those are lies!" He looked me strait into my eyes, his green, sparkling eyes. " Iris one day you will see how beautiful you are" I was so confused. One day? Whens that? "H-How?" I asked with a confued face. "You will see." After that awkward 10 minutes I started talking to the boys, Niall was asking why I was here at 10. "The same reason why you guys are." They gave me the most weirdest look. "FOOD!" every one laughed as Ellie brought our food. "thanks Ellie!" I yelled      "No problem sugar!" Ellie was always nice.


**A/N ** hi(: im new hope you guys liked the new story. Comment and tell me what you think!


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