As Long As You Love Me

Hello. My name is Iris. Im 17 and single.. of course. Im ugly, fat, and have no life. My mom is dead, and dad well hes nice if i do things his way! A lot people say I look like Cher Lloyd. I live in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I know I know OMG HARRY STYLES LIVES THERE! Im his neighbor and best friend, he has a crush on me though. I kinda do to.


2. A Movie <3

      After nandos. The boys thought it would be a good idea to go back to there place, of course the one and only flirt monster invited me to join them. I really didnt mind. "So what do you guys wanna do?" Harry asked. Usually when he askes he wants to watch movies. "What about movies?" "BOO BEAR! You read my mind." Harry had a huge smirk. "Well, what movie?" Niall asked. "Just hold your horses Niall." Liam said while looking through the movies. All the boys had two or three movies they wanted to watch. Niall stood up and protested "I just want the popcorn. Whatever I dont need you guys! Gosh!" He said while acting like he was "all that" but he had a fail attempt because when he put the popcorn in the microwave he was messing around with the microwave. "Guys? Wheres the popcorn button?" "On the top left, Niall." As he was still messing around he some how pulled something and broke the microwave. He just turned around and walked back to sit on the couch with us. "I thought you were going to make popcorn?" Louis asked while he looked at the microwave, it still had the popcorn in it. I just sat there giggling. "Umm... Im not um.. that-I mean im not hungry." he said with his hands in his pockets looking down, embarressed. "Niall, whats wrong?" Liam came over and put his hand on Nialls shoulder. Louis went in the kitchen and looked at the microwave. Harry was sitting next to me. "What are you laughing about, Iris?" He whispered. "Niall broke the microwave!" I whispered extra quiet, because well this was funny watching them. Zayn was in his room. Probably on his phone. " FOR GOD SAKES NIALL!" Louis shouted in the living room, them me and Harry bursted out laughing. Thats when we skipped the popcorn and just watched Titanic. Zayn came out half way through the movie. I realized that Harry was staring at me. So I just cuddled up to him and he went with it. I had the biggest feeling he was smiling. But why?


**A/N** Do u know why? Haha well hope u guys Enjoyed. sorry for the short chapters! and  ik im terrible... well, thanks again. Comment what you thought about it and if i should  continue! Love you guys


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