As Long As You Love Me

Hello. My name is Iris. Im 17 and single.. of course. Im ugly, fat, and have no life. My mom is dead, and dad well hes nice if i do things his way! A lot people say I look like Cher Lloyd. I live in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I know I know OMG HARRY STYLES LIVES THERE! Im his neighbor and best friend, he has a crush on me though. I kinda do to.


3. A Kiss <3

            Later in the movie, I admit. I started crying. Yes, I've watched this a MILLION times, but it gets me every time! "Iris? Are you crying?" Harry asked with a worried expretion on his face. "What? Oh... um.... no just.... my eyes..... um-yea," I studder as i whipe the tears off of my face. "Look at me," Harry ordered as he grabed my chin. Damn, his eyes are green wonders. They show curiosity, caring, kindness, but I dont know what they are really saying right now. "umm...." Louis interupted. Harry didnt stop looking in my eyes, it was kinda akward because everyone was staring at us so I looked away. " I-I gotta use the bathroom," I say as I walk out of the living room. Well, thats akward!

 Harrys P.O.V.

 I was looking in her eyes. Dark brown, I was trying to fish around in her eyes to find what she is thinking or feeling, but I couldnt find anything. Mysterious! After Lou interupted us, Iris went to the bathroom. I went in the kitchen, well, because I was hungry! Of course Niall was camping in there before I even got there. "Damn it!" Iris yelled. Oh my gosh! What was wrong! I ran to the bathroom, started banging on the door. "IRIS!! ANSWER!" I yelled as the boys came. "Harry?" she whispered. I broke the door down running into the bathroom. By her head she had a little blood, comming from her, head? "WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled. " Guys go to the car ill carry her! GO!" I yelled. She passed out. I brought her to the car. "GO GO GO!" I yelled. "Harry stop yelling!" Lou yelled. " I cant. She cant go. I need her! Shes everything to me. If shes gone, I-I-Im gone." I yelled back. So many things were running through my head, what if shes dead?

Iris P.O.V.

I was being carried to the car. Harry thought I passed out probably, I just cant see or talk right now. "I cant. She cant go. I need her! Shes everything to me. If shes gone, I-I-Im gone." Harry yelled. Oh my Cats! He does like me? I wanted to kiss him. Just hug him and say everything I could to tell him Im ok. I tried to move, But nothing. Once we got to the hospital they carried me to the desk and thats when i couldnt hear and every thing was gone.

Liams P.O.V.

Iris's head hung down harrys arm, dead. "We need a room now!!" I yelled. The doctor came and brought Iris into the Emergency room. We waited in the waiting room. I texted Zayn, Niall, and Lou, "dont cry. stay strong for harry. if he sees us cry. hes gonna cry harder." They all knoded. After what felt like 10 hours the doctor came out. "Its a good thing you gentalmen came so early. She would have been gone forever. She looks like she fell and hit her head on something like a tub, or a counter? But she is perfectly fine. She is awake right now. But only one person at a time to stay on the bright side."

Harrys P.O.V.

Every one went into the room one by one. I wanted to be last. I waited for a while. Then it was my turn. YAY! I walked into the room. Slowly. She looked at me and smiled.

Iris's P.O.V

Harry came in and i felt relieved. I thought he left. He walked to me and gave me a hug, one of the best. He sat down and started asking me so many questions. He was worried. "Harry?" I asked. He came over to me. I wraped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed back and smiled in the middle.



Hey guys sorry for not updating. well hope u enjoyed. Love u Pandas.


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