Titanic: The Unexpected Voyage

It's April 10th of the year 1912 at the dawn of a new century. Eleanor Calder is sailing away to New York on the marvelous Titanic to meet her new fiancé on which she will marry as the ship docks in New York, New York to begin a new life on the States. That's until she meets Louis Tomlinson, a young handsome man who shows Eleanor a new meaning life other than the risk-less one she has known her whole life.

Come aboard and join the journey of two young lovers who meet on the ship of dreams with a yearn for adventure and romance.

Until it soons becomes a cold, cold nightmare.
Twitter: @tomlinflips


1. Prologue

April 15, 1912, 2:13am

My body shook and chattered as I watched as the last remains of the ship emerge into the water, that just 5 hours ago I found absolutely incredible. The dark waves shook the wooden lifeboat that I shared with around 60 other people who looked tramautized as I was. My teeth chattered and my legs woudn't stop to shake because of the low temperature in the outside weather. I rubbed my hands together trying to gain heat as I snuggle myself in to the black coat given to me earlier. My dark waves are wet and some of it has turned as cold and hard as ice.

But honestly, It didn't matter since my eyes were in tears, my cheeks were red and my mind made millions of vast thoughts because the only thing that mattered to me wasn't here with me. The only thing that showed how true living was for. Who woke me up from the nightmare I didn't even know I was dreaming in.

I wasn't okay, and it wasn't from the curcimstances that I was currently at. It was because my Louis, wasn't by my side.


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