Titanic: The Unexpected Voyage

It's April 10th of the year 1912 at the dawn of a new century. Eleanor Calder is sailing away to New York on the marvelous Titanic to meet her new fiancé on which she will marry as the ship docks in New York, New York to begin a new life on the States. That's until she meets Louis Tomlinson, a young handsome man who shows Eleanor a new meaning life other than the risk-less one she has known her whole life.

Come aboard and join the journey of two young lovers who meet on the ship of dreams with a yearn for adventure and romance.

Until it soons becomes a cold, cold nightmare.
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7. Louis ~ Six

April 10, 1912, 6:41pm

Still pissed at that Charles guy, I make my way to the First Class Dining Hall hoping that I can find Eleanor. I had this uneasy feeling in my stomach telling me to find her and getting her to explain to me on why First Class men were so prissy. He had showed me all of his talents, but had no intentions on actually showing me. 

I sneak in to the back of the restaurant not hoping to get caught. I tip toe my way into the small, dirty and dark kitchen where waiters rush in and out with fancy looking plates of food. I look behind me to find a closet. I open the door and walk inside the tight closet that had extra waiter uniforms and cleaning stuff. I grab one of the outfits and put it over my clothes. Check my hair to see if it was presentable enough to blend in on a mirror placed in back of the door. Looking as sexy as ever. I open the door and straighten my posture like the other waiters.

I walk into the kitchen where there is a line of waiters grabbing plates of food while being told what table they go to. I wait in line until they pass me a lobster and say "Table 22."

I walk out of the hectic kitchen to the calm dining room looking at the numbers that a little stand carried. 25...24....23....22!

The table was next to a window as I look down to the table my eyes to Eleanor who sits next to the prissy man. He talks to a man who appears to be Eleanor's dad and a women Eleanor's age. He turn to me as I place the table down on the table. He turns his face to the plate and then to me. 

"What in bloody hell are you doing here?" Charles says to me.

I look to Eleanor who shows a face of surprise as she slumps in her chair with red cheeks.

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