Titanic: The Unexpected Voyage

It's April 10th of the year 1912 at the dawn of a new century. Eleanor Calder is sailing away to New York on the marvelous Titanic to meet her new fiancé on which she will marry as the ship docks in New York, New York to begin a new life on the States. That's until she meets Louis Tomlinson, a young handsome man who shows Eleanor a new meaning life other than the risk-less one she has known her whole life.

Come aboard and join the journey of two young lovers who meet on the ship of dreams with a yearn for adventure and romance.

Until it soons becomes a cold, cold nightmare.
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5. Louis ~ Four

April 10, 1912, 6:03pm

I look to Eleanor as she runs away from me with her hands holding her skirt. She turns her head to me her eyes lingering on mine as she opens the door to the inside of the ship. I place my hands on the pockets of my trousers leaning my back against the white wall behind me. I sigh as I look out to the sea in front of me. The wind was blowing against the direction of the ship's destination.

Fuck, how am I going to go to my cabin with out getting caught by these 'first class officers'. I looked around to see if any of the first class officers who were chasing me because I was on the First Class deck. I cross over to a railing which lead to a bottom deck. On the deck below, was the First Class pool where the rich, snotty men took off their dinner jackets, even though they knew they were going to get their 'precious silk dinner jackets wet'. I honestly don't get rich people.

I make my way down to the bottom deck hoping the First Class officers won't notice me. I quickly leap to the wooden floor trying to keep my landing as quiet as possible. I look around to see older ladies in big dresses sitting on the pool benches with maids holding an umbrella near their faces. It's sunset! Why the fuck do you need an umbrella for a sunset!?!

I ignore the stupidity of the first class people and look over to the pool benches near me. I quickly spot a black dinner jacket left by a man in the pool. I cross over and quickly grab the dinner jacket and place it over my shoulders. I look to my right where there is a toilet to fix my hair to make it more "presentable."

I take a breath as I walk over to the toilet stretching my muscles and resisting the urge to slouch, hoping they won't catch me. A couple of rich-assess at me oddly as I walk by. I smile at them with the biggest sarcastic smile. I walk over and open the door to the toilets as a man walks out of the door. I accidently crash into to him as he walks out. The man was about my age, but his facial expressions was beyond his years. He had an odd smolder on his face with his big nose being a major feature upon his face. He looked calm, but he obviously was angry.

"Why did you push me like that?" the man said. He has a very proper London accent and had his delicate hands folded together in front of him.

I shrug my shoulders as other men began to look. "I actually didn't," I say. I would probably would try to be more intimidating, but I'm not going to get in a fight with a fucking first class priss.

He looks at him leather shoes and back into my eyes, "I know you did. Apologize."

The whole pool deck is observing us too now.
He begins to walk slowly around me, "I'm Charles Graham. Third most wealthiest man on this ship and thirty-seventh of all of England and I'm only the young age of twenty-three. You look like  a vulgar man who is trying to challenge myself who has had twelve years of training in the art of fencing."

I make a grin and a sarcastic laugh and say, "If you can fight 'so well' why didn't you just throw a punch at me the secound you asked me to apologize than just brag about yourself. You're a fucking joke." I begin walking around as the first class men and women gasp at the 'vulgar' word I used.

Charles seemed surprised himself that I used the word, but still continued, "I don't have time for this. I have an important dinner where I'm going to meet my future wife." He walks away with his head high as I ignore his walking away.

I laugh as he walks away. He's all talk, but no show. I finish my hair in the toilet room as I make my way to the First Class dining room.

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