Titanic: The Unexpected Voyage

It's April 10th of the year 1912 at the dawn of a new century. Eleanor Calder is sailing away to New York on the marvelous Titanic to meet her new fiancé on which she will marry as the ship docks in New York, New York to begin a new life on the States. That's until she meets Louis Tomlinson, a young handsome man who shows Eleanor a new meaning life other than the risk-less one she has known her whole life.

Come aboard and join the journey of two young lovers who meet on the ship of dreams with a yearn for adventure and romance.

Until it soons becomes a cold, cold nightmare.
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2. Eleanor ~ One.

April 10, 1912, 11:30am

My arms lean against the wooden railing as the soft, spring, and cool ocean breeze blew against my brown curls under my white flower hat that rested on my head. I smile as I look down at the port where small children played and chased around each other. The juveniles that were around just a tad bit older than the children stared up in amazement at the grand cruise that I stood on. My middle aged father, James Harold Calder, was on my left with his left hand on my right shoulder. I smile as I looked in his direction as he smiled at me. He had a long face with a small beard on his chin. Yesterday, I begged of him to shave off all the hair on his face, but he only agreed on his black mustache that use to rest under his nose. Florence Springer, who currently stood on my right just smirked at me and told my father to do as he pleased.

Florence was my father's current fiancé even though she was only five years older than I was, which made her 24. I still didn't know what my father saw in her, beside her gorgeous looks. She had long blonde hair than shone in the sun. Her skin was flawless and always opaque thanks to all the powder that she places on her faces. Her lips were as red as a rose and they were plump. Her blue eyes sparkled with her lovely smile and she always stood with confidence and elegance. Still, my father didn't see the side that I saw. In front, of my father she was a wealthy, young, beautiful women that only had pleasure on making my father happy. When she wasn't with him and only with me, she was controlling, rude, made me feel like a pile of rubbish, but most of all, her only care in the world was if she had my father's wealth to spend on herself and looking her best.

I knew that she couldn’t possibly have been half the women my mother was. My father just didn't see. My mother passed because of a terrible illness when I around the young age of two. I've seen rare photographs (my mother used to love photography and my father would provide the best cameras for her to work with) and saw how beautiful she was and how much I appeared like her. Truthfully, I did believe that I was beautiful and much higher in society in others, but my father reminded to treat others in lower classes with respect since you never know if you'll ever need their help. I highly doubt it. I find my people under my class utterly repulsive. How can they live in such terrible conditions and still live happy?

My father taught me many things, especially for the fact that my mother died at such a young age. I have mastered arithmetic and mathematics, which normally only men learned, thanks to the best tutors in the United Kingdom that my father hired. I know the different types of sciences that young women don't know of, but my favourite out of all my knowledge is my literacy abilities. I enjoy to write stories about wild adventures of men taking risks and willing on putting everything on the line for the people he loved. Currently, I'm working on a story about an explorer named Nicholas Edwards who travels around the world in search for the women he loves who has been kidnapped. I always beg my father so he will allow me to publish my stories, but he says that women don't normally write stories and he doesn't want me to risk the Calder family reputation.

I looked out to the port as I hear Florence's high pitched voice say, “James, darling. Let's go inside and grab a snack. This wind is ruining my hair and ruining Eleanor's hair as well." I feel two hands covered with white gloves rest on my shoulders. I look over to Florence who wears a floral purple hat with a matching floor length casual dress. I take my hands off the railing and push my white floral hat down with my fingers while fixing the position of my casual white gown. My father nods in his suit and replies to Florence "Anything for you, my love." I sigh as I feel Florence's fingers release from my shoulders and walk to my father's side. "Come Eleanor, we can explore the Titanic now" My father said with a gentle smile.

I look out to the port and decided that i wanted to explore the ship alone. At least, without Florence. "Father, you two go ahead. I want to look around by myself." I say placing my arms by my side feeling the different textures of my gloves and the dress. My father looked a little sad, but he nodded "Okay then, just make sure your changed for dinner in the hall so you can meet Charles and his family at 8pm, tonight." I nod and gave my father a smile "Don't worry. I'll look my best to meet my fiancé and his family." My father smiled and turned around Florence began to speak to my father about how great it was that he had an arranged marriage for me.

I turn around and quickly remove my white gloves. They itched my fingers and I never enjoyed wearing them especially that I had to wear them all the time. I begin to walk the opposite direction that my father and Florence walked in. I looked to my left where the port stood and I could see the miles and miles of buildings and people minding their own business. I also see the way people look up and are amazed on how grand the boat I stood on was. Titanic in the Greek language does mean huge and that correctly described this boat I walked on. I look to my right where there are white wooden seats to lay on just to relax. The boat hasn't begun to move its way onto my future home, New York, but I had the feel of a cruise.

I look back forward and I see something quickly coming my way. I stand there a bit confused not realizing that it was coming straight toward my direction! I finally notice what it was, it was a young man running for some strange reason. He's looking back while not noticing my existence. I was waiting until he noticed that I was here and apologized from almost nearly running me over, but he hasn't stopped. I sand here as he turns around and sees. His eyes widened as he falls on top of me to the wooden floor of the deck. I feel pain and rage as he quickly gets off my and pulls me behind one of the seats. I'm speechless on how he hasn't even apologized to me. How rude!

First, he doesn't notice me. Secound, he falls on top of me! Third, he pulls me behind a chair making my white gown dirty! I feel as he places me on top of his lap covering my mouth as I try to scream out of his grip. I haven't even seen his face and I hated him he was so rude! I quickly here a faint voice saying "Sorry ma’am, just please stay quiet and you couldn’t have been any more stupider for not moving out of the way when you had time." My eyes widen as I start to yell with his hand over my mouth. He called me stupid. I didn't even use that word!

I continue to yell till I see from behind the white chair until I see two security people run one behind the other. I feel the large breath that the young man who covered my mouth behind my ear as he slowly releases his grip. "Thank you so much for staying quiet." I hear a sarcastic voice say. "Just get up" the voice said. I slowly stand as I depend on the railing that stood behind the white cushioned chair. He uses his hand to gently push me up (I really didn't want help from someone who just called me 'stupid'). He quickly pushes himself up after I'm up. I quickly put on my white gloves that are still in my hands. I pull my hat back down and finally turn to the young man who just pushed me down.

I see a man with dark blonde hair swept to one side as he looks to the ground. I lick my lips which had the taste of my red lipstick as he lifted his head up. Blue shone from his eyes and he looked at me as well as he began "Okay, I'm sorry for calling you stupid, but seriously? You had time to move out of the way." Was a young man really telling me this? All men around his age would respect me, at any cost. "You really don't know what you did?" I reply with a questioning voice. He just gave me strange look and replied "I pushed you down and I apologize." He still didn't understand. "I'm not talking about that. I'm speaking about the fact that you didn't move out of my way. You were just selfish" I remarked.

He flipped his hair and put a hand on the railing as well. "Ma’am I barely know you. I don't have to give you respect." I gasped while placing my right hand on to the corset that squeezes my stomach. "Yes, you do. As  gentlemen you do" I reply shocked. I just don't understand him. I'm a women. He's a man. There was no question on who was supposed to respect who. "You’re first class, correct?" He asked pointing to me. I nod and replies “Yes, aren’t you?" I asked with a questioning. I looked down at his wardrobe and quickly regret asking. His wardrobe looked like rubbish. Correction. It was rubbish. He wore burgundy-red corduroy trousers with a stripped long sleeve shirt. He had on two black suspenders that hugged his body. Normally, first class men would wear a vest with dress trousers.

"No, I snuck on. I guess you could say third class." He replied as he begins to walk beside the chair and out to the railing facing the port. I follow him and stand next to him. "You snuck on? How?” He began to tell a wild tale when he got in a bet with his mate Harold on who could sneak onto the Titanic. Slowly my anger toward him has vanished as the boat set sail off to New York. His hair flew away from his forehead where I got to see both of his crystal blue eyes clearly.

"Oh excuse for not asking" I begin "What is your name?" The young man smiled at me and said clearly "Louis Tomlinson.  And yours?" he asked back gesturing to me. I looked out onto the water that waved below and back toward at Louis. "Eleanor J Calder."

After introducing ourselves, we walked around the top deck of the boat speaking of family, goals to be done in America, and just other topics that sprang out of another. He wasn't like other young men who seem to always gasconade on their talents and knowledge, while Louis just speaks about life and experiences of his own. He said things that I never seem to think of like 'If money didn't matter, would you honestly be doing right now?' or 'Without parents, everyone would be a lot more of risk-takers and more adventurous.' He made me ponder on life and the meaning of it. My life was set. Tonight, I would meet my fiancé, Charles, of whom my father approves. We would land in New York to marry. We would have children, then as they leave to do the same I would spend the rest of my life just relaxing and enjoying my elder years. Louis didn't have a plan. He was going to land in New York and see what paths and opportunities are open for him. I never had that thought on life. I found it intriguing how Louis thought of life.

We had conversations until the clock strikes 6 which was the time I was going to see my room for the very first time. Tell my best friend (who was also my maid) Emilia on this conversation and get ready for the dinner that would determine my future. A starnage faint of sadness was felt in my stomach of leaving Louis Tomlinson, but I knew that he would just be a great friend to speak to on the voyage to New York.

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