Titanic: The Unexpected Voyage

It's April 10th of the year 1912 at the dawn of a new century. Eleanor Calder is sailing away to New York on the marvelous Titanic to meet her new fiancé on which she will marry as the ship docks in New York, New York to begin a new life on the States. That's until she meets Louis Tomlinson, a young handsome man who shows Eleanor a new meaning life other than the risk-less one she has known her whole life.

Come aboard and join the journey of two young lovers who meet on the ship of dreams with a yearn for adventure and romance.

Until it soons becomes a cold, cold nightmare.
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6. Eleanor ~ Five

April 10, 1912, 6:37pm

As I take slow steps down the grand first class staircase many try to catch a look at me. I must admit that I looked absolutely stunning. I take hold of the railing as I hold the tips of my dress until I make it to the bottom of the stair case. I make my way to the doors of the First Class Dining Hall as the two doormen smile and open the doors in front of me. I look upon the grand room with many tables with fine families gathered raising glasses of wine.

The room had a Roman architectural design with its arches and small chandeliers every 3 feet from I remember from last years study on ancient designs with my private tutor. The ground was covered a patterned rug that blended with its curtains. I walk toward an elegantly dressed man standing behind a podium.

"Excuse me, I'm Eleanor Calder and I'm looking for a Charles Graham . He has a dinner reservation under his name for around five people," I ask as I roll my silk white gloves up my hand.

The man looks down to a his podium to the paper on it.

"Ah yes, of course!," He grabs a menu and faces the hall, "allow me to lead you to your table." I follow him as he leads me to a table next to the window where I see my father, Florence, a middle aged couple and a young handsome man with an empty seat beside him. He stands up with a humble smile as I extend my hand to him.

He grabs it and kisses it while keeping his eyes locked on mine.

"It's an honor to meet you Miss. Calder. I've heard wondrous things about you and I can't wait to get to know you well," he says as he takes a hold of my hand.

"I have heard great things about you as well," I reply.

Charles begins to open the seat next to him to allow me sit.

"-And please, call me Eleanor," I finish as I sit down next to him.

I look over to Charles' parents and smile.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Graham. I'm Eleanor J Calder and I'm looking forward to know you both and soonly join our families," I say as they nod back at me. 

Both of the Graham parents had a snobby look. They both smile, but there was something evident about their smile. It wasn't genuine. It wasn't a kind humbling smile that one would assume to get from the parents of their soon-to-be-husband.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable by my in-laws parents I sat there as Charles makes small chat, charming my father and Florence as I sat in silence taking a few glances at his parents. 

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