With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


3. ZAYN MALIK! *.*


I walked into starbucks remembering about that harry guy, I checked my phone it was 2:45 still pretty early he did say 3:00 what did he look like again?... I began to think when I bumped into somebody "I'm so sorry" the man spoke "oh it's fine I'am amy whats your name?" "zayn" zayn! I only know one zayn and thats from one direction.. should I ask?,no that will be weird ok just say something! "you have nice eyes.." stupid! who says that?he is wearing glasses! "haha thanks you have nice eyes too and good vision if you can see my eyes these are the darkest pair I have!"zayn said wanting to laugh "ha... ha thanks but I can't I just assumed" "well good guess love my eyes are beautiful I mean if you ask me"he said smiling. what who says that hahaha he has a nice smile though "so what brings you here?" zayn questioned as he probably noticed me getting lost in my thoughts "Oh I'm suppose to meet a friend at 3:00 but I think alot so I bumped into you, sorry by the way" "oh it's fine as I said it was my fault can I show you something and you promise not to scream?" random... "eh sure I guess?" zayn grabbed my hand and walked into the family bathroom.. okay officially freaked out "so promise not to scream" zayn questioned me AGAIN "yes!, yes I promise" zayn took off his beanie and glasses *ZAYN MALIK!* I knew it! I knew it woop woop "oh god you froze can't speak AMY! AMY!" zayn put his hands on my shoulders and shoke me "hahah no I'm not frozen but wow I love you I mean I love all of you!" zayn stared at me like "phew what a relief she didn't scream!" "Thankyou for not screaming" he smiled "well it's annoying and hurts my ears but don't worry I wouldn't have done it anyways" "Yeah same here" zayn said "hahaha you would scream for yourself?" this time me questioning zayn "psh like yeah!,who wouldn't gurrrrll" zayn said pretending to sound like a girl I'm guessing which made me laugh like crazy!  "HAHAHAHAAHHA oh my gosh HAHAHA" "hahaha your laugh is contagious." eh no it's nerdy "haha zayn" "yesh!" zayn said happy."haha can we get out of the bathroom?" "oh of course haha totally forgot we were in there... it had that poopy smell." he said in a little kid voice as we walked out,oh gosh zayn! I didn't know how to reply so I just smiled,zayn put his disguise back on "Hey amy may I have your number?" "yeah it's 661-333-2122" "thanks well nice chatting gotta go to nandos and buy niall his food before he starves hahah bye amy!" zayn smiled and walked out the main door "bye!" I yelled and checked my phone 2:57 why was I here again?...... OH RIGHT! directioner boy! (point of view over)


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