With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


11. With You <3


What ever they can make out like I care... I walked around Cher's house and like I said I couldn't tell who was who because everyone was wearing a costume I tried looking for a Justin Bieber near the food but nothing well wheres Niall then "Amy Is That You?" I turned around oh yes finally a face I recognize I gave Zayn a big hug "Did you miss me?" he smiled "Yes I was walking around like a loner!" "What about harry?" "He saw a friend I'm guessing and she was all over him... so I walked away" "What she look like?" "Um..she had black hair not very tall uh I don't remember!" "Well want to dance?" "I don't know how?" "Neither do I" zayn and I walked to the dance floor I looked like I was having a spaz or something zayn looked quite normal dancing I think... "I'm sorry but I'm going to have to arrest you two for such horrible dancing" Louis the cop said "Louis!" I yelled laughing "Liam saw you two and he didn't want to be mean so he sent me" said louis "To tell you we suck at dancing?" said zayn "Pretty much" said louis "Like Batman can dance any better" I said "Actually he can way better than you two" Louis said "Jeez okay we were terrible" I crossed my hands "GUYS! GUYS!" said a tired niall "Niall are you okay mate?" asked zayn "Yes I'm fine! You guys have got to check out the snack table on the other side its HUGE!" niall said in between breaths "Ha! No surprise" said louis walking away to get liam "You coming or what!!" Niall said "Yes" Yelled liam everybody followed niall to this so call amazing snack table. As soon as we did Niall ran to one side of the table "Oh! Chocolate fountain" I said "You want a strawberry" Liam asked "Uh sure batman" I smiled he handed me a straw berry and he got one himself I watched him eat one first because I've never tried it "What? Is there something on my face?" liam asked "Haha no, just seeing if it taste good" I replied "How? I'm tasting it not you" He said wanting to laugh "Fine I'll taste it" I grabbed the strawberry dipped it in the chocolate and took a bite "Well!" liam said hyper for my answer "Hmmmm not bad" I said taking forever to say 'mmm' "Silly Goose" he grabbed the chocolate and put it on my nose "Liam!" I said shocked and returned the mischievous deed "Hey Amy! calm down!" He said as I used the strawberry as a marker and painted his face we were laughing like crazy and had our faces covered in chocolate "Liam, amy? are you guys okay?" zayn asked "Ya! Of course" I said happy "Why wouldn't we be?" Liam asked "Oh I dunno" Zayn said "What the hell guys you just wasted perfectly good chocolate on your faces!" Niall said annoyed "C'mon Niall we were just having fun" I said and put chocolate on his nose "You little-" thats all I heard niall say till I ran "You can't catch me I yelled" running turning at the corners "I'm sorry" I said as I turned the corner and harry and my lips touched HE was the last person I wanted to see "Wait amy" he said grabbing my hand "No I'm busy,and you are too you know kissing that girl so if you may please let go of my hand" I said in a stern voice "What girl? Carly! no i'd rather kiss you" he said what he said really didn't convince me to forgive him so I walked away "Wait I'm sorry Amy" Harry said "I'm listening" "I'm sorry that wait we were about to kiss when Carly came from NOWHERE and just was all over me,I tried pushing her off but she has a strong and I mean strong grip like a man! and I'm sorry for being attractive" Harry said with the cheekiest smile "I forgive you" I said laughing because he said Carly had a grip like a man "That was an easy apology" he said "Well because you really didn't really do anything" "Then were you mad?" "Not exactly..." "Then why were you walking away not wanting to hear from me?" "I was Jealous of that girl all over and mad because we were actually going to kiss for once but we always get interrupted" I sighed.Harry picked the loose strand of hair from my face and put it behind my ear he leaned in and so did I as soon as our lips touched I felt sparks and harry smiling while we are kissing "Aww! How cute!" "They finally kissed" "Miracle!" Is what I heard when me and harry pulled away "We weren't interrupted this time" harry whispered in my ear I sware I had the most biggest smile on my face "So that's what it feels like to kiss you" I smirked harry leaning in again "WAIT! We are right here no PDA!" Liam yelled "Oh really? I didn't even notice" I said "Well of course you didn't you were to lovey dovey with harry" Louis said causing me and harry to blush "EVERYBODY HUDDLE UP CAKE TIME!" I heard cher yell from the kitchen "FOOOOD!!!!!" niall yelled like it was war and grabbed zayn and Brooke with him "Well lets go before it's all gone" I suggested "wait" harry said as louis,liam and me were walking "What is it haz?" liam asked "Amy I've been waiting for the right time to do this and I think its now...Will you be my girlfriend? Harry said sincere Uh...um I didn't know what to say so I grabbed him in for a passionate kiss that lasted for about a  three minutes and we pulled away "I'll take that as a yes" harry grinned and I could see his adorable dimples "Woah did you get that liam?" asked louis ha! totally forgot they were there "Yeah I got the first and second kiss and the I got everything" Liam smiled we all walked to get some cake  and when the party was over the boys took me home. what a day I thought as I entered my home


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