With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


2. Whats up?

I decided to take brooke to Mcdonalds "Where we going?" brooke asked "Mcdonalds" I said going into the drive thru "Eh no,you know this place is not my favorite place to eat have you not seen super size me?" Oh gosh brooke "Eh aren't you starving! and you love their fries so shh!" "Yes.." brooke said irriated "Welcome to mickey D's how may I take your order"the little box spoke "were fine thanks!" brooke said.I slapped her on the arm "OWW! what was that for?" "sorry em well take two big macs apple pie and a drink please" "would you like chips we that?" the man asked  "OOO as in doritos, cheetos and lays!" brooke said excited "wot? no chips" "yeah chips like doritos,cheetos and lays!"brooke had raised her voice "brooke he means fries" I facepalmed "psshh! I knew that just seeing if he did!" "sure yah did" "will that be all?" the cashier spoke sounded annoyed "the fries and the order sorry" "that will be 12 pounds pay at the next window" "thankyou" we got our order and drove home 10 minutes later "Where does one direction hang out?" brooke asked upset. what? "haaha how should I know?" "were home! oh I don't know" We entered the house sat ate the went to bed. Brooke did not say another word to me hmmm she ate the food so I am guessing she liked it, I fell asleep with thoughts running threw out my mind. The next moring I woke up,took a shower,got dressed and wanted to make brooke breakfast but yet again no food."Come in." brooke said "hey whats up girly? ,you seem down?"(Amy's pov over)         Brooke's Point Of View

"Hey whats up girly, you seem down?" amy said looking straight into my eyes sounding concern, did I look that upset I thought I was hiding it good?.."Yeah I'm good just hungry.." "your always hungry well yeah at times but please you can tell me anything" *sigh* "I was just thinking about niall and when he finds his princess.... probably demi lovato" I mumbled amy stayed quiet probably thinking I was crazy " Ummm when he does get his princess I hope it's a special girl like you.... hoping it is you" amy finally spoke quietly though that I could barely hear her. she smiled and walked out my door. huh? what did she mean by that, what she say? "hey amy hold up!" I ran after her "yes" she said from her room "what did you say?" " want to go get foooood?" amy voice trailed off and walked down stairs into the garage with a checky smile, that girl! "hey thats not what you said!" I followed her "so no food?" amy gave me puppy dog eyes ah forget it! "WHAT OF COURSE YES FOOD" "thought so" amy said starting the car and beginning to drive "so where we going?" hoping she dosen't say mickey d's" The bagel factory" amy said with another smile why is she so happy! we got to the restaurant and ordered I got a bagel and amy got a sandwich an hour later amy had that 'crap I'm late face' which I couldn't help but laugh at "What!?" amy asked "Nothing what yah late for huh?" "huh? what I'm not late for anything but we should get home it's 2:30" amy said "what! 2:30 is still pretty early but ok curly" we paid and left towards the car but amy drove heading towards starbucks "Where we going?" " can you drive the car home?" Thats not what I asked "okay" I can never understand amy always being so mysterious, amy entered starbucks and waved goodbye as I drove off.


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