With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


6. uh-oh


I woke up walked down the stairs to see brooke cooking what a miracle! "wow never thought i'd see you cooking" "ha! well I couldn't find any thing decent to watch so cooking shows!" brooke said zestful "Um isn't Ramsay's kitchen Nightmares a show on how to make your restaurant a success?" "Yes,I was watching the food network channel then put this because I like it when he yells at people.." "ok then...." "I made eggs sausage and bacon" "Yum!" 'buzzzz' "hey amyz can yah get my phone while I make you a plate?" "sure" "um its on the little table" hmm its from niall psh I gave him my number too! hey brooke its me niall and I was wondering if you and amy wanted to hang out with me? maybe go to the pictures well have a craic nd a nice chinwag! txt back :) ~niall horan ohh sound like fun! "hey brooke its niall" "WHATTT! NIALL GIMMIE GIMMIE!"brooke yanked her phone out of my hand oww jeez lady calm down! "Said yes he asked me and not you!" "Whatever" "Ahh! gunna go get ready!"she raced hitting my shoulder "My foood!" "get it yourself lazy"well screw you then oops mistake yah left your phone here brookey! bwahaha! umm hii! again niall can I like wear my bikini? yes/no idk today I fell like walking nude EVERYWHERE! hehe I'm dumb! Ohh im soo hot I'm sweating... I just farted hehe byeee! see you soon! ;* ~brooke send ahaha! Now we wait for niall's response erm this bacon is squishy ahah! 'buzzz' NIALL! eh are yah bolloxed or serious? wait are you acting the maggot~niall what does that mean? I'll just leave it at that... hour later "AMY!!! come get ready!!!!" I walked up the stairs "OH MY CARROTS" "What?" you look like a clown no thats to mean to say "uhh nothing.." "Go get ready then!" "will do.."  i'll tell her when I'm done um a dress, shorts, jeans? jeans with a green shirt  and my normal curly hair yup now to tell brooke she looks like a clown.. "hey brooke" I said walking down the stairs "Yes!" "um how about you lower on the makeup?" "why too much?" "YES!" "Oh gosh be right back, then we leave" she ran up stairs after a while she came back much better I can see her face brooke walked to the car typed the adress on the GPS they live not to far about 30 minutes away "Oh my nandos were here! im going to scream no cry" brooke said emotional "wait before you do let me step out of the car" "  No I think I can handle it" "ok come on you look beautiful in your skirt" me and brooke rang the bell we heard an irish and a brit voice so niall and zayn?,harry?,liam?,or louis? "Howya girls ha brooke I thought you were going to be nip or in a bikini "No what the heck why would I!" brooke asked confused "you said babe" uh-oh hehe I tried to whistle all casual "AMY!" brooke and niall said in unison... am in trouble 




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