With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


5. The Grocery Store

brooke's Pov

"AMY!!!!! Get down here,you said we were going to leave at 2:00 it is 3:00 now!" I yelled at amy who was still getting dress or probably sleeping she sleeps ALOT! but anways she got home yesterday not late yet not early like between 7:00 or something near that and we couldn't go to the store but she brought me subway!!!!! woo I love her "Jeez what will it take to get extra sleep around here!?" amy said walking down the stairs "what do you want?"she added "well I'm hungry and we need to go to the grocery store." "alright! Lets go!" "yah know you took forever yet you are wearing a 'free hugs' shirt a hoodie and some jeans!" "your point is?" "You took forever and I'm hungry!" "sorry and why are you wearing a dress? Its cold" I decided not to answer that last question,amy started the car and drove to the nearest grocery store. Minutes after we entered grabbed some chicken,fruit,other food."Get some vegetables i'll be in the snacks and drink area." "OK" I walked to get some vegetables mostly carrots. "la la la"I said swinging the carrots around "Wotch it!" this brit yelled at me as I hit him on the arm oh-uh. oh there is amy "Hey got vegetables" "psh more like hey I got just carrots!" amy mimicked my voice "OH MY FREAKIN NANDOS!!!!!!! amy amy amy!!! ahh!" "Owww my ear what the heck why are you crying?" amy followed my finger "ahh I see, the irish hottie you love and leeyummy HA! yummy!" she laughed "I NEED A PICTURE!" "Then go ask I doubt they will say no." "I'm scared you ask I was just crying look at my eyes they look funny" "Blah blah fine! Wait oh my gosh am going to go talk to liam and niall pinch me!" amy walked away happy she loved them to but she wasn't as crazy as me. 


"Aye liam look eh that girl is sketching towards us!" "Niall dear don't point it is rude!" "sorry liam" "But really mate what if she is a mentaller?" I keeped talking "Wouldn't she be running at us?" "Shhh! shes getting closer" "Right sorry" "WHAT! WAS THAT LIAM YAH LIKE TURTLES THATS SICK!" I yelled as that girl got closer "Uh hi um you guys probably get this alot everywhere you go and its okay if you say no but um may me and my friend get a picture?" she looked at me and liam and gave us a pretty smile... psh picture she probably only wants one with liam i'll just go. "Mate where yah going?" liam semi yelled  "somewhere else while you guys take a picture.." "woot!? thats rubbish!" "Niall I would love it if you were in the picture it would be a dream come true to me... and my friend over there" she pointed as I followed her finger "Whooo that girl totally freaking out over there?" liam said kiddish "Hahahaa yes that girl" the girl said giggling.cute. "um so is that a no?... is it a yes?" the girl continued talking in a plucky way "Oh right of course babe!" "sure you'll be jammy! bring her over and we can have a quick chinwag" "Um alright i'll be right back!" the chick said "Shes a fine thing eh!" "yeah she is"liam agreed "and sound too!" two minutes later "Hi again guys this is brooke" the girl walked back and spoke "Ello brooke um Love we didn't get your name." "oh! right,its amy! sorry" "its fine!" liam smiled "Are we just gunna blather?" "what?" brooke said "oh no um amy first then brooke" liam said and grabbed amy's phone, we took several pics and talked a bit "It was nice chatting in all but me and brooke better get going" amy said "poopy! well may we have your number?" liam said "sure!" "Mine too!!?" brooke yelled timid "Yes" I joined the chinwag "Oh my goshh! niall wants my number! amy! he wants my number! yah know the pictures never show the detail of how handsome he is in person... but there still hot photos!" brooke whisperd to amy desperate because I heard causing me to get my irish cheeks or reddener "Awh little nialler is blushing thats so cute!" liam said feck liam! "Very bye!" amy gave hers and brooke's number to me and liam  and walked of "her friend was juicy" "Niall I don't even wanna know what that means, please tell me it has nothing to do with her jubblies" "It doesn't, juicy means pretty." "It better."


author note -I tried using some irish slang in there so it can make it seem more like niall, sorry if I was terrible at it or if it makes no sense. bye! :)


MENTALLER- Crazy person



SOUND- Really nice










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