With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


7. Nice meeting louis

Louis Pov

"Hurry and get dressed lad I'm having company"

"Okay Niall, you have said that a million times now shutup.."

Niall gave me that don't mess with me face, who could be comming that is so important the queen!? I got out of my onesie and put on my usual stripe shirt and red jeans 'DING DONG'

"I'll get it"

niall yelled from down stairs well duh its not like I was going to answer it! I walked down stairs and into the kitchen get me a water

"Howya girls ha brooke I thought you were going to be nip or in a bikini" Bikini?

"No what the heck why would I!"

"You said babe"

who is niall arguieng with I walked closer to the door


they yelled in unison who is amy?


A girl said shyly

"Why the heck does niall think i'd be nude!! or in a bikini?!"

the other one yelled, calm down girl!

"It doesn't matter anymore" niall said

"YES it does! Now tell me!" That one crazy girl yelled again but the other nice one didn't talk

"Oww! stop that!"

"Then tell me!" crazy hit nice girl with her bag five times psh not on my watch

"Hey crazy! stop hitting her, niall said it was not important!" I finally stepped in before she could hit her a 6th time but she didn't hear me and she hit me with her bag fuck! does she have in there bricks!

"NO! you do not hit me!"

"Oh my goshh! im so sorry l..lo..lu... louis" she stared at me like I was naked or something she just had her mouth wide open an-

" Close your mouth you don't want to get flies" my thoughts were interupted by the nice girl

"Uh what? Shut it curly I'm mad at you!" That one crazy girl gave the other one a death glare

"Lucky she didn't clatter you but let go inside of where?"we all walked inside

"so niall who are your fit friends?"

"Oh right sorry louis this is amy and thats brooke" niall pointed to the curly brunette and the blondish carmel one

"Hi amy" I smiled oh right the other one

"Uh hi becky"

*cough cough brooke cough* niall said

"I meant hit brooke...I mean hi!"

They both said hi except brooke looked at me funny

"well I was hopeing we could go see some flicks"

"That sounds fun!" amy said

"Yeah"brooke and I said in unison

We all hopped in the car and drove to the nearest theater niall and brooke were ordering everything! from drinks to hot dogs to popcorn every candy jellybabies, twix, gummy bears,and all that good stuff. me and amy were trying to think of movies to watch but we weren't talking. Does my breath smell? , Is it because i'm louis Tomlinson?

"What movie do you want to watch?" I said

"Um.. Twilight? spiderman? ted? I don't know what ever you want"

"Hmmmm Ted?"

We watched the movie Ted after it was over we went over to Nandos

"So amy tell us about your self" niall tried to get a conversation started

"oh um I am a girl and-" amy got interupted by niall and brooke's laughter

"No duh your a girl stupid!"brooke yelled inbetween laugh

"ok um I have curly hair, I'm 5,8 love cats and dogs I don't know what else to say.."

"Harry has curly hair" I said something really dumb and obvious

"Yeah I know" amy smiled at me

"Jeez niall mate slow down and you too brooke!" I said

We had a few laughs and talked brooke isn't such a bad person and amy is a sweet heart after nandos they went home and niall went to sleep he should get some rest after all that food he scrafed down but its normal for him.


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