With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


8. Lets hang out

"Harry! Get out of bed! and zayn that goes for you aswell!" I heard screaming from the stairs,liam our daddy ahhhmm I streached and walked down stairs

"yum smells like pancakes" I said

 "Ah! Harry put some clothes on please we are eating at the moment you can walk around naked when we're done I'd like to eat without seeing your willy " Niall said

Fine I murmured what to wear what to wear 'katy perry's on reply she's on replay Dj got the floor to shake the floor to shake people going all the way yeah, all the way I'm still wide awake I wanna stay up all night and ta na na ta na'

"What ya doing?"

"Ah Louis you scared me"

"Ha why so jumpy"

"Im not jumpy you just scared me when I was singing.."

"Oh so hey have you meet niall's fit friends?"

"How fit?"

"um I wouldn't know how to explain"

"Then how do you know?"

"Stop with the questions! They came over when you,liam and zayn were out"

"Oh how does this white shirt look?"



"Oh and niall ate all the pancakes"


"Cook some yourself or go out"

"Then bye see ya later"

"Bye"really niall I'm hungry but now I can ask Amy to lunch if she wants I got in my sports car and called amy 'prrriing priing' The phone connecting the call

'Hello?' Her soft voice spoke

'Hi amy are you busy?'

'If you call sitting busy then yes'


'haha no I'm not busy why?'

'Oh want to have breakfast?'

'Lunch? sure'

'Oh if you want lunch sure!'

'Well its going to be 1:00'



'I'll be at your home in.... 30 minutes'

'wait what do I wear?'

'Anything you'll look beautiful anyways'

'Um see you then bye!' she hung up I probably made her nervous or something I started the car


"So where are we going?" amy said

"pizza?" I replied


we arrived I got a seat while harry ordered.He walked to the table with peperoni pizza making a funny face

"For you my lady" harry smiled showing his adorable dimples

"Why thankyou" I tried to keep a serious face. Fail. me and harry started laughing like little kids it wasn't very funny but his laugh is contagious

"Haha ok ok serious time" I said

"Yes serious faces" harry made duck lips and squinted his eyes and I wiggled my eye brows trying to touch my nose with my tongue another burst of laughter

"Oh sweety are you fine?" This elderly women asked harry while patting his back hope he doesn't try to flirt with her....

"*cough cough* haha yes ma'am I'm fine thankyou" Harry shot her a smile

"Alright I'll leave you to love birds alone bye love" said the elderly women as she walked away,harry was blushing. Love birds?

"Love birds?" I questioned harry

"I have no idea" harry smiled and bit his pizza

"Mmm this is good"

"Right hey have you heard of Cher's Halloween party?"

"No! I don't even know her,remember I'm not famous"

"Then want to come with me?"

"To a Halloween party? with you... just us two or.."

"The boys are going I think. why do you want it to be just me and you?"

"Noo,Um I'd love to go"

"Great!" He literally lightend up the room with his smile

Harry's phone started to vibrate

'Hello' 'With amy' 'No its not a date..' 'Yeah very lovely' 'really! fine I'll be there' he hanged up and looked disapointed

"I have to go amy. management sorry but I'll drive you home"

"Ok." we walked to car quietly until harry turned on the radio' And Girl you and I were bout to make some memories tonight~I wanna live while we're young,we wanna live while we're young Live while we're young came on half way towards the end

"Lets Go CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY till we see the sun I know we only meet but lets pretend its love and never never never stop for anyone tonight lets get some and live while we're young" harry sang making me smile and join him

"TONIGHT LETS GET SOME AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!" harry and I sang in unison and arrived at my house at the same time before I could open my door harry did

"Thanks" I said

harry quickly gave me a kiss on the cheek making me blush "Bye love!" he said as he got in his car I walked in the house all smiley






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