With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


4. Hello again :)


I sure didn't want to be late so I got here at 2:50.I played around with my phone for about 7 minutes when I decided to lift my head up I saw amy coming out of the loo with this man in glasses and beanie wot who is he!? They exchanged numbers or something then amy walked and sat at a table I'm guessing waiting for me? I walked up to her tried not to look creepy given the fact she said I looked peculiar with a beanie and my coat. "Hello" I spoke smiling "uhh hi?..... harry?" amy said she sounded nervous "yes love harry" "harry the singing boy in the car harry?" "Yes!" "ahaha okay just making sure" amy smirked.what a lovely smile and laugh I think. she just sat there and stared at me causing me to blush "aw your blushing haha your rose cheeks" amy stood and put her soft hands on my cheeks just played around causing me to blush MORE she stopped as she saw me blushing more "Are you really thirsty or would you like something to eat?"I finally spoke but not even making eye contact.."Oh um... eat." why does it feel akward all of a sudden?... don't I ruin everything! "alright lets go!" I tried to sound peppy but don't think it worked I led amy to the car she got in shotgun and me driver of cousre. I was just there not moving just kind of looking down thinking."um harry are you okay?" amy waved her hand in my face. "huh? oh yeah I'm fine." "positive?" "yes" I'm going to tell her I'm harry styles "ok if you say so."amy said as she faced the window I reached for her hand and held it while amy looked at me like Weirdo why are you touching my hand? "eh amy you probably do or don't get this often but I'm harry styles" I said taking off my glasses and beanie. before I knew it amy was laughing her bum off "whats so funny?" "baha! phew oh nothing" amy said calming down a bit "You don't believe me?" "Oh no I believe you it's that I kinda figured when you said hi to me and I see you here with no disguise your real right?" amy said as she lifted her hand and ran it through my hair NO! "Babe nobody touches my hair!" "Just did what yah going to do about it!?hmm?" again she ran her fingers through my hair."This!" I grabbed amy's hands and put them together."oh wow help me my hands are trap" she said sarcastically."hahaa thats not the punishment" "then what is it and let go of me!" amy tried to wiggle out but didn't succeed "Kiss me." I said while looking amy in the eyes which grew wide when I said kiss me.... "no" ouch those words hurt but I can't make her but she did mess with my hair so why not! "You said what i'm I going to do about it and as punishment kiss me." "If I do will you let go of my hands?" she questioned me "Yes!" I grinned."oh fine!" YES I WIN! we both leaned in to kiss 'she's a good girl loves her mama, loves jesus and america too, she's a good girl crazy bout elvis' shit my phone! "hi harry!" louis on the other line "hello um what do you want!?" "just wanted to talk to my good friend" "really!" "yes! why do you seem mad?" "can we talk later!?" "please! and make sure you don't have an attitude mr!"I hanged up on louis, while turning towards amy "so where would you like to go?" "Oh um some where fun I guess" I started the car driving to the mall.Well louis ruined the moment,psh what moment she didn't even want to kiss me. we got to the mall I stopped the car and went to open amy's door but she was already out "hey I wanted to open the door for you" "oh uh sorry next time?" she gave me a half smile and walked into the mall... wait for me! "Wow the mall is big somebody can get lost" amy observed the mall "why don't you hold my hand so you don't get lost?"I said giving her my charming smile "No thanks" amy walked off again! jeez lady are you that hungry? "hey amyz wait up!" "yes" finally she slowed down but I had caught up to her "You starving?" (harry's pov over it is amy's now)

"Hey amyz wait up!" harry screamed trying to catch up to me "Yes" "You starving" harry put his hands on his knees catching his breath "No?" "Then why you going so fast?" "Um why are you going so slow?" "what! oh nevermind. chinese or subway?" "uhh subway? i'll get a table" I walked off not this table,nor that one  hmm this one!was I really going that fast? oops harry looked pretty tired "hahaahaahaha" I lol literally "whats so funny love?" ah! "jeez harry popping out of nowhere scaring carrots out of people" "You made me run twice! but really whats so funny" "hahaa you running!" "I bet you running would be funny too!" harry said smirking "Not even!" "Ohh really!" harry said getting awfully close to me..."Ever heard of personal space?" I backed up "oh sorry" he blushed and handed me a sub."uh amy" "Yes?" "You know who would be funny to look at when they run?" "who?" "zayn" he said zayn all girly "hahaha doesn't he run with his tongue on the side hands everywhere?" "Something like that!" the rest of the time we told jokes laughed and got to know each other about three hours of talking I get three txt from brooke that read ->1st hey curly where are you I'm hungry!!!! ->2nd AMYYYY!!!!!!! FOOD!!!!!->3rd You want me to starve don't yah!? what are you doing????? talking to NIALL!!?? ps:HUNGRY! TXT ME BACK GIRL!!!!  "hahaha oh my gosh!" "what?" harry said "hey sorry can you drive me back home before my friend dies?" "oh my god yes do I call an ambulance? "what no I meant by starvation" "oh of course" we both got up I walked to subway and got a BMT "that will be 5pounds" the cashier said but before I could pay harry did why! I grabbed the sub "harry I could have paid by myself I have money" "I'm sorry" harry gave me sincere eyes "But I wanted to pay for you" he added all I did was smile at him and we got in the car I gave him my adress and we were off.




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