With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


10. Halloween Party


"Hey amy did you hear about cher's halloween party?" "Yes,How do you know?" "Niall invited me he sayed cher was okay with any extra friends and I was going to invite you" "well then" "So whats your costume?" "I'm still deciding, what are you going to be?" "Umm a superhero or a cow girl, we should go to the store since its today" "Oh ok" amy said um I wonder what the boys will be eek! I can wait to meet harry and zayn, I can just Imagine how cute niall will look... what is he going to be again? "Hello! are we going to the store?" she waved her hand in my face was I day dreaming "Right sorry"I found a cow girl costume my size! amy spent an hour deciding what she wanted to be she ended up picking a cat costume took her long enough,we were back home and the party started at....I'll ask niall 'Hey nialler what time is the party?~Brooke' send! "Can I do your cow girl pig tails?" Amy grinned at me "Um sure.."My phone buzzed 'Hi um can you girls just drive to our house and will take you from there?~Niall' 'Sure how about in an hour?~Brooke' 'Perfect will be enough time for me and the boys to get dress, you should see liam his costume is sick!~Niall' "Amy you have an hour to get ready"I said as she walked out of the bathroom with hair products and hair ties "It only takes two hair ties to make two pig tails" I emphasized on the two "I won't hurt to experiment" amy gave me an evil grin "You are not touching me hair!" I ran 'It will be fun' she keeped saying while throwing hair ties and spraying hair spray we looked like two little kids have a nerf war "Get off of me!" I demanded " May I please do your hair?" amy gave me her puppy face "Yes..." Oh how I hate that face "Yay!" she jumped up with joy she loves dressing up people or styling hair. amy grabbed my hand and led me to the restroom she brushed my hair and parted it in half she then began to make a braid I would say my hair is weird its a mixture of caramel but blonde and if you payed close attention it was an orange! "WALLA! I'm done" amy said handing me a mirror "Not bad, Not bad but the hair brings out my freckles" "Freckles make you, you! be proud!" "Yeah.." "I want freckles if you zoom into my face I have four,two on one cheek and one on the other and under my lips like on my chin is the fourth one"amy said with as much detail and pointed to her face "Go get ready you have 30 minutes"I said "30! aah!" amy ran to her room. I put on my hat, flannel,shorts,boots and fake gun 'Perfect' I whispered "Im done" amy walked into my room she looked pretty in her costume but she was missing something "Wheres your makeup"I asked "I drew on my whiskers" said amy "No like makeup, makeup" "I don't wear it remember" "But I bet you will look beautiful" "Have you not heard don't need makeup to cover up being the way that you are is enough?" "I let you do my hair" "Oh fine" Yes! I led her to my bathroom and applied black mascara and did that cat eye look added gloss to her lips and did a bit of smokey eye look as well "WALLA! your done" I mimicked her from earlier "So How does it look?" I added "good" she mumbled "What was that I couldn't hear you?" "Its good!" haha I knew she would like it we got in the car "Where do they live?" Amy asked "Um I don't know..." "Call niall" I got out my phone and dialed him I can her the ringing 'Niall when are we leaving!?' I heard as the phone got conection sounded like liam "Hello?" niall said with his sweet accent "Um... Ha-hi Niall!" "Haha yes" "Where do you live?" "Have you started driving?" "Yes we are in the car" "Pass the phone to amy" ok I followed his instructions "Hello?" amy said "Hi amy, Brooke says you need the directions so i'll tell you and you tell her cause I think she is nervous,'Niall your talking with amy give me the phone!' 'No harry!" "Uhh guys..hello?" "The call ended" said amy "Why?"I asked "They were argueing, here I'll call liam" said amy "Hello?" "Yeah" "Ok" "haha thats near" "Harry's ok bye liam" said amy "SO!"I asked practically yelling "Oh well their at harry's and he has his home here in holmes chapel so its close by, liam said turn left on the corner and keep going up till you see 'Pauls wood' street and turn right keep going turn one more time and bam! were there." amy said I followed her directions and we were here like 30 minutes away from our house? I don't know!?


We got here I was excited to see what the boys were wearing I knew all of them but I don't think Zayn knows I do Brooke fixed her hair and rang the bell "Hey- who are you?!" Brooke said as she saw the door open and be somebody we didn't recognize "I'm Justin Bieber" He said "Are we at the right house Amy!" Brooke asked "Yes" I giggled as I noticed Louis in the back dressed as a cop "Brooke its me Niall" Niall said taking of the glasses and hoodie hood down "Niall why are you dresses like Justin?"Brooke asked "That my costume ya like it?" Niall did this gesture with his hands making Brooke smile like crazy! "Do we have a problem here miss" said Louis flashing his light in our eyes "LOUIS!" I yelled "Hurt me and its a crime!" He warned me and began with the light again so I slapped his arm "Ow! Help she is crazy!" Louis shrieked "Did I hear help!?" liam came out in a BATMAN suit and posed with his hand on his hips "Oh my gosh, Liam you look-" "sexy" Brooke interrupted me but he did "Why Thank you" Liam blushed how cute! "Who looks sexy?" said zayn in a Robin costume "You do" I said "Me naww!" zayn flipped his imaginary hair "That soooo cute Batman and Robin Oh my god I need a picture!" Brooke fan girl "Maybe later" Louis spoke for Zayn and Liam "Wheres Harry?"I asked " I'm right here love" A head popped out "Move guys" harry added and stood in front of me he looked frozen but cute dresses up as Harry Potter "harry" I waved my hand in his face"Guys Harry Is not moving"I said  "He likes cats" Louis said "So lets go!" Brooke suggested "Yes come on my kids" Liam said moving his hands so we can get in the car zayn tickled harry and he was laughing like crazy! It was nice though reminded me of the pizza and the subway we had. Louis was the driver Liam sat in shotgun and Niall,Brooke,Harry,Zayn and I sat in the back "Louis why are you a cop I thought ya loved superman?" I asked him "Well liam wanted to be batman really bad and I thought there can't be two superheroes so I choose a cop because I like telling people what to do." Louis smiled at the last word.Later we were at Cher Lloyd's flat everyone stepped out and walked towards the door, The Flat was quite big and I could hear 'Live It Up by Tulisa' as we knocked on the door "Boys!?!" Cher answered the door and quickly identified who we were "The one and only boys you know!" Liam said and gave cher a big hug "Hello! Come in come in" she said and hugged the boys as we entered I could barely hear the music was LOUD "whats your name!" cher said "Hi! I'm Amy!!" "Nice to meet you Amy" "I love your music!" I said "Oh thank you!!" she smiled and walked towards Brooke asked her the same thing "Woah the boys had disappeared probably saw all their friends" I said speaking to Brooke but she was gone too! what the heck! "I'll get chips then" I said talking to myself  at the snacks table I saw familiar faces from her year in Xfactor I think.... It was hard to tell who was here everybody had a costume "Do you believe in love at first site?" I turned around to see harry "Uh..." I didn't know what to say "I'll take that as a yes... Um I love cats" He said with his husky voice "Yeah Louis told me, speaking of Louis where is he?" "Um... Doing dirty things somewhere" harry said with a cheeky smile showing those dimples I loved. Every time he smiled his lips looked soft ha! that's weird I wonder if they are?... "What are you looking at love?" harry asked "Oh nothing" I blushed "Well It must have been something if you were so interested, do I have something on my face?" harry asked "No" "Were you staring at my eyes,nose,cheeks or my lips..?" he said while popping the 'P' in lips "Uh If you must know I was staring at your dimples and your lips" I said and soon felt my cheeks burning up "Oh were you" harry said getting closer to my face we were like two inches away I was nervous his nose touched mine and our lips were SO close "HARRY STYLES!!!!!????" but somebody just has to come! harry turned around with a confused look "Yes" he said "OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD.... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!" she was squealing ugh how annoying that was she ran up to us and was all over harry she glanced at me with this who are you face but i guess she could care less who I was because she started kissing harry's neck...I walked away that kiss was suppose to be ours I turned around once again and she wrapped her legs around him I couldn't see his face but i bet he liked it   

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