With You

Two best friends named Amy and Brooke take a trip to london and meet one direction!Yes, sounds like any other story but I'm new at this and I tried my best. Please Give me a chance.The begining they just arrived in england and are driving to their rented home in Holmes Chapel cheshire.


1. Hello Directioner Boy...

  Amy's point of view

"Come on brooke!" I said starting the car."Comming sorry I was grabbing some maps of london" brooke said getting into the car."ok but I already have directions to the little home we rented or could buy if we wanted to." "Yes I know, but I want directions to the food!" "haha ok good luck with that!"I reached to turn on the radio.Da d-dum,d-um dum dum."AAAH! turn it up!"brooke yelled at me as she started to sing -WMYB- by one direction I slowly joined. "YOUR INSECURE DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR YOUR TURNING HEADS WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE DOOR" me and brooke sang then stoped as we heard a deeper boyish voice. " ahaha I see we are singing the same song eh?" the person in the car next to us said. "yeah" I smiled "psstt amy he is a directioner boy!" brooke whisperd to me,the light had turn green to go "Um nice chatting bye!" the car drove off ." Hey brooke on that map of yours is there starbucks?"I continued driving "As a matter of fact there is! just keep driving straight and turn on that street over there." brooke pointed. I followed her instructions and was at the starbucks."be right back!"I said walking out the car door "Bring me back a mocha please!" brooke yelled out the car window."That will be 3 pounds." the cashier said to the man in front of me. "Ello welcome to starbucks how me I help you?" the cashier said "I'll take a um... orange mango smoothie and a mocha please." "That will be 4.00 pounds please."I handed the money and walked to the waiting area"HARRY!" the worker yelled "Thankyou sir." the curly haired boy had said "Hello nice seeing you again!" harrry said as he walked towards me"Umm sorry... don't think i've meet you..." "Yeah! Remember what makes you beautiful, car, singing ring a bell babe?"harry had questioned me... Ohhh directioner boy thats what brooke called him!"Oh! yeah I remember now.. um hello." "Hi so want to come to my house?" he said smiling revealing his dimples "No! I don't know you and not to be mean or anything but you look kinda creepy with a beanie, some glasses and that large coat um bye!" "AMY!" the worker called my name I grabbed my drinks and walked out the door,what a weird fella! "Wait! Amy!"I turned around "What do you want I said I didn't want to come to your home.." "Sorry it came out wrong I meant would you like to hang out some time?" harry spoke looking at the ground "Eh sure I guess." "Really! Great um how about here tommorow at 3:00?" suddently his face lighten up"Alright see yah then."  "Bye love!" he said walking to his car and me going in to my car "Here yah go brooke." I smiled at her "Thanks sweet cheeks." brooke said as she reached for her drink "Thats my nickname? I don't like it,sorry." sweet cheeks? " Hahahaha fine! just drive home curly!" brooke made a remark on my curly hair wow. the streets of london or in this part holmes chapel is so pretty about 20 miniutes later yay! finally here me and brooke grabbed our bags and walked into house " wow!this place is nice!" brooke stared in amazement towards the stairs "Yup lets go check out the rooms" I began walking up the stairs as brooke ran like there was no tommorrow there was about four rooms and three bathrooms up here "OOOO! I WANT!" brooke yelled from the room towards the corner "HAVE IT I WANT THE BIG ROOM WITH THE VIEW!!!" "hmmp no fair but okay!" hahah brooke so silly wow the bed was right in the middle with a balcony view and a walk in closet.The bathroom was nice and big but I have about four doors in here hope one leads to Narnia, I reached to open one door a closet? Okay next door a bathroom, second door main entrence ,last door ohh another room leading into this one cool! "AMY MAKE SOME FOOD DIEING HERE!!!!!"brooke yelled hmm I wonder how her room looks like? hahah she's probably covering her walls with niall horan only one way to find out! I ran to brooke's room "HEEYYY!!" I barged in"Aahh! ever heard of knocking you scared the carrots out of me!" " hehe carrots oh um I wanted to see what your up to.." "You know me probably dieing of starvastion in the corner or stalking niall, having a decent conversation with niall,looking at niall what are you doing? hmm hmm!" Eh ok... "Haha going to make you a sandwitch or something." "REALLY!YAY! I LOVE YOU!!" I walked out and went towards the kitchen"HEY YOU DIDN'T SAY YOU LOVED ME BACK!" brooke yelled from upstairs ohh the kitchen is nice! I reached for the fridge ehhh it's empty, I have granola bars and gatorade i'll feed that to brooke" HEY! BROOKE bad news..!!!!" I yelled "Why what happen?" brooke said concerned "Sorry there is no food to make you food just granola bars and gatorade from our trip.." "Ugghhh!!!! oh ok... i'll eat that I guess.." "Thanks and sorry." brooke grabbed the snacks and went up to her room awh she was soo hungry well she always is but I hate seeing her upset..."STARBUCKS!" I think there was food around there I ran up stairs into brooke's room "Hey! Brooke don't yah have that map thing!?" "Uhh mo yeaaah I forgot omah had soo maay woods got booed." brooke said with a full mouth "What!? Nevermind where is it?" "In the pile of niall posters." brooke drank some juice "Haaha the gatorade is like the energy juice from the video diary, geez how many posters do you have!?" " Erm 50? I don't know but yeah look amy I'am drinking energy juice!" she drank the jucie all funny and went twitchy ohh mcdonalds is near starbucks I could drive there yeah! "Come on brookey lets get yah some food!" I smiled "Lets go!"brooke ran into the car.


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