Slender Man

This is my first novel and I don't care if you don't like it, just tell me if you don't please......... Charlette, or as everyone calls her Charlie, lost he best friend ,Sarah, to as her and her dad joked Slender Man. Charlie goes off to college and meets One Direction, but she thinks she keeps on seeing Slender Man in the trees. Did Slender Man really take Sarah? Will Harry and Niall help her through her fear of Slender Man coming for her too? Or will all of the boys help her through it? Will she fall in love on the way? Read to find out.


2. New Friends

                  *Author's POV*

  "Charlie! Wake up, you have to go to Holmes Chapel!" Mum yelled.

   "I'm coming Mum!" I yelled back. I through on a blue cookie monster T-Shirt, and some blue short shorts. I put my dirty blond hair in a bun, since I didn't have an idea on how to make it better. I just put some mascara and eye liner, to make my eyes stand out. I've just hit college so I'm only 17. I was born in Stafford, England. Which is only about 8 miles south of Holmes Chapel. I'm going to a college in Holmes Chapel, because there is no good college in Stafford.

   "Charlie, did you pack sweetheart?" Mum asked me.

   "Yeah, Mum where's Dad?" I asked her looking around for him.

   "I know you where going to ask that sweetie, but he's at work, he left you this." She said handing me a note. I grabbed the note and this is what it said:

                                      Hey Charlie, I'm so sorry I can't be there for you on your last day with us. I got you a new phone for a present. I think I told your Mum to hold it. I hope you'll like it, don't worry sweetie, I put all the phone numbers on it. So you won't have to worry. Okay then, bye Charlette, hope you have a nice day at your new college!!


      I smiled at what it said.

   "He's really is sad that he couldn't make it sweetie, here you go." she said handing me my new phone. Surprisingly it was an IPhone.

  "Mum," I said.

   "Yes, Charlie," Mum said

   "Did anyone find out anything on Sarah?" I asked her

   "I was scared that you might say that, but I'm sorry," She replied "you should get going sweetheart."

   "Okay, Mum bye bye"I said

   "Sweetheart text or call me and your father everyday okay." She said

   "Okay, love you."

   "Love you too, bye bye." She said. With that I left. When I finally got there since Mum and Dad, forgot to buy me a house or even an apartment. I decided to make a friend and stay with them for a while. I got outside and saw a huge group of screaming girls, surrounding, it looked like two boys. So being the stupid me I ran up to them.

   "What are you doing to these poor boys, if you want an autograph then get in line!" I yelled jokingly and to my surprise they did. When all of them left, the two boys looked at me.

   "What??" I asked them. They were cute, one of them was blond with sparkly blue eyes, and the other had curly hair.

  "Hey." Curly said

  "Harry, that is not how you greet someone," Blondie said, "I'm Niall and this is Harry."

   "That was really something." Curly (who I'm guessing is called Harry) said.

   "Thank-y y y,"I tried to say,"Ahhhhhh!" Then I...fell and every thing went black.

   "Is she okay?" I heard someone say.

   "Who Who are you," I barely managed to say, "where am I?"

   "She's alive!" A boy with dark brown hair and pretty blue eyes, yelled.

   "Louis shut up, Hello love this is Louis and Zayn, I think you already met Harry and Niall." Another boy with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes (who I'm guessing is Liam) said.

   " My name is Charlette O'Leary ,but please call me Charlie." I said.

   " Well Charlie do you have a place to stay and why'd you scream before." Harry said.

  " No and I'll tell you later." I said in reply.

   "Yay!" Louis said.

   "We have your stuff over here and we have to go to college in the morning and your home will be down the hall to the right."Liam said.

   "Thank-you and I have to go to college too." I said happily.


     *Thank-you if your reading this and if I get and least 3 likes, or favorites, I'll go on.*


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