Slender Man

This is my first novel and I don't care if you don't like it, just tell me if you don't please......... Charlette, or as everyone calls her Charlie, lost he best friend ,Sarah, to as her and her dad joked Slender Man. Charlie goes off to college and meets One Direction, but she thinks she keeps on seeing Slender Man in the trees. Did Slender Man really take Sarah? Will Harry and Niall help her through her fear of Slender Man coming for her too? Or will all of the boys help her through it? Will she fall in love on the way? Read to find out.


3. Love and Learning

                 *Charlie's POV*

   "Yay!" Louis screamed,"Do you know your teachers, Charlie."

   "Yeah, do you?"Harry asked.

   "And of coarse, Hazza, wants to know." Niall said. Who's Hazza? He's obviously one of the boys. Should I ask? Well I...

  "Oh, Harry!" Zayn said, "Hazza, is Harry... You looked like you didn't know who Hazza was."

   "Oh, okay... I-Uhh- How'd you know?" I asked Zayn," And we should go to bed, school in the morning, remember."

  "Oh okay, well we'll drive you to college, and I'll show you around, if you want." Harry said.

   "Uh, okay... where's 'my' room again?" I said.

   "Down the hall, to the right, across from Harry's." Said Liam.

   "Okay, I'm going to sleep, night." I wasn't really tired, I just wanted to think. 

        Harry is lovely, his eyes were so lovely. When I first saw him he looked so familiar, I just couldn't put my finger on it. Oh yeah, Him and the boys are all from One Direction, I'm so stupid, back last year I was put in a group with this girl named, Sophie...Sophia, and I had to go to her house for the project, and she loved One Direction, she had posters of them all over her room. 

   "Ahhh" I yawned whoops, wrong move.

                    *Harry's POV*

        When I first saw, Charlie, I loved her immediately, she was gorgeous. How she yelled at the fans before was, wonderful. Her enchanting, blue eyes reminded me of the sky. Her hair was a nice dirty blond hair, beautiful.

   "Okay, I'm going to sleep, night." Charlie said. Great, she's going to sleep. I can't look at her anymore.

   "Guys, I'm goin to sleep, night." Liam's gone, now.

   "Night, boys." Zayn.

   "Goodnight, see ya in the morning!" Niall. Now it's just me and Louis, great.

   "So Harry, it's just you and me now... So you and Charlie huh?"

   "Louis, so what she's beautiful, now let's go to..."

   "Night, Haz, I'm goin to sleep." Louis. I walked down the hall to my room trying to be quiet.

   "Ahhh" yawning coming from Charlie's room.

   "Tired?' I asked her.

   " Yeah, a little, I don't wanna sleep yet, though." She said.

   " What happened with you, before?" I asked.

   "Well, About 7 years ago my best friend, Sarah, went missing. We went to play hide and seek in the woods, since it was our favorite game, we played rock,paper, scissors 'cause we always played it to see who was it, and I ended up being it," A tear rolled down my face, and Harry whipped it off for me,"thanks, so I got to 20 and I heard screaming, help me help me charlie charlie, when it stopped I ran up to the screaming and her close on the ground, so I ran back to my house, and yelled at both our parents that she was gone, her dad went crazy and killed himself and her mum i don't really know what she did, and well the cops are still looking for clues to who did it, but me and my dad know who did it,"by now I was in tears."

   " Well, who did it." I asked, well more like demanded to know.

   "Slender man, he is a...well... thing, that's 8 to 10 feet tall, and has... a lot of arms, and he takes kids he's everywhere, Harry I'm scared what if he gets me too."

   " I promise, Charlie he won't hurt you, okay."

   " Okay, night Harry."

   "Night Charlie"


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