Slender Man

This is my first novel and I don't care if you don't like it, just tell me if you don't please......... Charlette, or as everyone calls her Charlie, lost he best friend ,Sarah, to as her and her dad joked Slender Man. Charlie goes off to college and meets One Direction, but she thinks she keeps on seeing Slender Man in the trees. Did Slender Man really take Sarah? Will Harry and Niall help her through her fear of Slender Man coming for her too? Or will all of the boys help her through it? Will she fall in love on the way? Read to find out.


4. authors note

Thank you for reading this, and I want a co author. If you want to be a co author kik me my username is macloves1d, or you can email me at And well I was gonna say 6 favorites or like but I guess now it's 9 favorites or likes well bye. Oh and if you want to be a co author say you want to be a co author for Slender Man, okay, now bye.


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