Not To Old To Love (Janoskians)

Hi i'm Molly Brennan. I'm 3,000 years old. I'm a vampire but also a witch. I'm one of the most powerful creatures on earth. I have my best friend Emily. She's the 1,000 years younger then me. But instead of a witch she's a warewolf. We are about to have to move AGAIN because people are starting to notice that we're not aging. We move to Australia and meet 5 boys. But hey also know One Direction and will make an apperance. Do they found out Molly and Emily's secret? Is there romance? Do they change someone? Found out in 'Not To Old To Love.'


16. Vampire Hunters

The boys ended up staying the night because they were to lazy to get up and walk next door. I woke up to Emily yelling. I got up and went vamp speed to her room. She was having a nightmare. I ran to her and started shaking her to get up. She sat up with really quickly. All the boys were behind me with concerned faces. "What happened?" I asked her. She was crying. If Emily was crying it was something big. "They found us." She said. "Who?" I asked. "Vampire hunters." She said. All of a sudden the front door was knocked down.

"Come out little vampires." Shit it was the ones from America. Andy, Sophia, Rachel, and Eric were there names. "Boys you are going to have to climb down the pipe out side of this window." The all nodded. I opened the window and they started climbing out. Here is the order Skip, James, Luke, and Jai. "Beau go hurry." I said. "Well what is going to happen to you?" He asked. "I don't know Beau, but you need to go." I said. "I'm not leaving you." He said. I heard them walking up the stairs. "Go now" I yelled/whispered. What he did next shocked me. 

He kissed me. I kissed back but quickly pulled away. "Get out of here now." I said. He quickly left. All of a sudden the door was beat down. "Well Molly nice to see you again." Andy said. Andy was the leader. "Likewise Andy." I said. "Why are you here? We didn't do anything." I said. "Molly, my precious Molly. I always loved you." Andy said. "Yea well I am beautiful." I said. "Yes you are." Andy said. "So where are the others?" I asked. "They're here" He said. The rest of them walked in. "Who should we kill first?" Emily asked. "I think Sophia." I said. "You won't hurt me." She scolded. "We won't?" I asked/said. "No you won't." She said. Emily went vamp speed and dug her fangs into her neck. She took just enough blood not to kill her. "YOU BITCH" Sophie yelled. "My dear, Sophia I am a bitch and am proud of it." Emily said. "Now who are we going to kill first?" I asked. Eric was next to Sophia, they were sort of 'a thing' whatever. I looked at Rachel. She was the newest member and was terrified. "So how long have you and Andy been a couple?" I asked Rachel. I know that Rachel likes Andy. "We are not" She scolded. "So you won't be mad if I did this?" I asked. I went vamp speed next to Andy and dug my fangs into his neck. I took just enough blood to kill him. He killed a few friends of ours and is now dead for that. Rachel ran up to Andy. "Andy no. No Andy. I love you. no" She said. "He killed someone I loved and is now dead for that. If you hurt us that will be anyone of you." I said. They all got up and left the house. I hugged Emily.

They will be back though.

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