Not To Old To Love (Janoskians)

Hi i'm Molly Brennan. I'm 3,000 years old. I'm a vampire but also a witch. I'm one of the most powerful creatures on earth. I have my best friend Emily. She's the 1,000 years younger then me. But instead of a witch she's a warewolf. We are about to have to move AGAIN because people are starting to notice that we're not aging. We move to Australia and meet 5 boys. But hey also know One Direction and will make an apperance. Do they found out Molly and Emily's secret? Is there romance? Do they change someone? Found out in 'Not To Old To Love.'


24. Questions?

"Alright guys I think it's time for you to head out." I said. Jai stayed in his spot all the other boys were getting up and walking out. Before Beau left he gave me a kiss and whispered "Tell me later." In my ear. After all 4 boys left I turned back to Katerina. "What are you doing here?" I asked coldly. "Melissa, I came for a visit." She said. "Does someone want to tell me what's going on?" Jai asked. We walked into the lounge and sat down. "Well, the part of the story I didn't tell you is that I have a twin sister. We were turned at the same time, but she's not a witch. The spirt's of the witch's took that away from her, because she was not using it properly. Me and Katerina are Brennan's and we are doppelganger's. Which mean we have a relative that will look exactly like us. That's where Emilia comes in. She's our doppelganger. We are Brennan doppelgangers." I said. "Are me and Luke?" He asked. "No, you and Luke are not doppelganger's. Your just twins." I said. "Wait, Katerina I never invited you in. How did you get in?" I asked. "Well, the names that are on the deed are dead, so it was easy." She said. "Emilia, you've barely said a word." Katerina said. "Yea, because I hate you." She said coldly. "Why did you try yo kill  them?" Jai asked. "An original." Katerina said. Me and Emily got up and grabbed a stake that we hide  under the table. "Calm down, he doesn't have me anymore." She said. I kept a hold of mine. "Who wants to get a bite to eat?" She asked. "There in the freezer down stairs." I said. "No, a real bite to eat. You know from a human." She said. "What does a human taste like?" Jai asked, "Have you been starving this poor lad?" Katerina asked. "You won't know because your never going to try it." Emily said. "Where's the ripper?" Katerina asked. "She's gone." I said. I was once called the Ripper because those were my dark times. "What are those neighbor boys up too?" She smirked. I went vamp speed and pinned Katerina up against the wall. "Don't mess with them." I said coldly. "Fine. So, how's our boy band?" Katerina asked. "They hate you too, Katerina." I said. "Stop calling me that! It's Katherine. Alright Melissa." Katherine said. I looked over at Jai and Emily giving them a look that said 'Go before things get ugly.' Emily grabbed Jai's hand and pulled him out of the room. 

"Why are you here?" I asked. "I can't visit my dear sister?" She asked. "No you can't, There's always trouble when you come." I said. "You tried to kill us last time." "I came here to warn you." She said. "Warn us from what?" I asked. "Rebecca." She said.

Let me explain. There are 7 originals. Klaus, Rebecca, Cole, Finn and Alaje are the sons of Michale and Eshter. Eshter was not a vampire she was the original witch. She got her powers taken away by turning the rest into vampires. Then Michale went on a rampage and tried to kill all his kids. They can only die from the ash of the big oak tree, Eshter used to make them vampires. They kept multiplying and multiplying. I was turned by one of the ones Rebecca made a vampire. It was her soon to be husband and I killed him to keep me and Katerina safe. We met the Salvatore brothers. There was another doppelganger and they were both madly in love with them. But Klaus is a warewolf and a vampire. But he can't access the warewolf in him with out the Brennan doppelganger blood. Klaus daggered all of his siblings so they're supposed to be dead. Oh did I mention two are out to get me.

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