Not To Old To Love (Janoskians)

Hi i'm Molly Brennan. I'm 3,000 years old. I'm a vampire but also a witch. I'm one of the most powerful creatures on earth. I have my best friend Emily. She's the 1,000 years younger then me. But instead of a witch she's a warewolf. We are about to have to move AGAIN because people are starting to notice that we're not aging. We move to Australia and meet 5 boys. But hey also know One Direction and will make an apperance. Do they found out Molly and Emily's secret? Is there romance? Do they change someone? Found out in 'Not To Old To Love.'


28. Klaus

"I'm good. Just been relised from a coffin that I've been in for 90 years." She said. "Good, because I've been great." I said smirking. "Molly killed Rebecca's fiance because he turned her." Damon explained to Alaric. "SHUT UP DAMON!" Me and Rebecca said at the same time. "Well, I have to go. I hope to see you around Melissa." Rebecca said. "I'll see you around, Rebecca." I said. 

She walked out of the bar. "I need a drink." I said sitting on the bar stool next to Alaric. "So, how do you know Damon?" Alaric asked while Damon was getting me a drink. "I met him and Stefan a long time ago. It was only a short time after me and my twin changed." I said. "You look familiar." He said. "We're doppelgangers too." I said. "Is that possible? To have sister doppelgangers." Alaric asked. "Well, I'm here and my sister is at the Salvatore house so yes... Oh and Emily's there. She's our doppelganger." I said. Alaric nodded. "Here." Damon said handing me a drink. 

After a while we went back to the Salvatore house. "Guess, who I saw." I said entering the lounge area. "Who?" Emily asked. "Rebecca." I said. "What happened? She wouldn't do anything in a public place." Katherine asked. "We talked." I said taking a seat next to Jai on the couch. "Has your brother called?" I asked Jai. "Yea, he wants to talk to you." He said. "I'll be right back." I said standing up and walking down to the basement. 

"Hello?" Beau asked after I rang him. I was sitting on the cooler in the basement. "Hey, babe. What's up?" I asked. "Hey Melissa, I'm sitting here with the boys. What are you doing?" He asked. "Stop, calling me that. And I'm sipping on a blood bag. I had a visit with Rebecca. today." I said. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Fine, we saw each other at a bar. She wouldn't do anything in a public place." I said. There was a loud crash up stairs. "What was that?" Beau asked. "I'm going to have to call you back." I said hanging up.

I walked up the stairs and saw everyone standing up with fangs out, or a warewolf which Emily was. Elena was behind all of them. "I want Melissa." Klaus said. "Klaus, what a delight." I said. He looked over at Emily. "Your a hybrid. How?" He asked. I stood in the front of everyone. "My blood. Would you like some?" I asked. "I don't need any, because I'm going to take it." He said taking a step towards me. "Why do you always want mine? There's Katerina too you know?" I said. "I don't care which one I take." He said. I used a little witch power and he had a massive head ache. "Get out NOW!!!" I yelled. "I'll get you Melissa." He said walking out of the room. "So, Klaus is back."

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